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$800 Bln Laundered By Banks But It's Crypto To Be Blamed. TOON #18
Regulation   |   27.11.18  |  

Corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing all together are the traditional agenda of regulators from around the world. They and the financial institutions at the same time avidly accuse the cryptocurrencies to become the key tool for “black” transactions ...

Global Financial System Launders $800 bln Per Year, But FATF Considers Crypto To Be A Threat
Regulation   |   20.11.18  |  

... banking sphere is severely compromised, but FATF is looking in the direction of imposing AML/KYC obligations on cryptocurrencies. What’s wrong with the priorities? In light of the burning reputation of traditional financial institutions in terms of money laundering, the long-awaited will of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to establish the first set of guiding principles looks a bit preposterous. Money-laundering watchdog announced setting up the cryptocurrency rules by summer of next year, according ...

The Danske Bank Money Laundering Case Is Worth $230 Bln — More Than The Whole Crypto Market Cap
Legislation   |   19.11.18  |  

The branch of Danske Bank in Estonia was accused in money laundering of unprecedented volume. It shows that AML fails on global level, and it is not cryptocurrency to blame. The branch of Danske Bank in Estonia appeared in the spotlights of the whole newsworld for the last couple of months. The reason ...

Trending Trinity Weekly, 1-5 of October
News   |   06.10.18  |  

... infamous ICO ban last year? Actually a lot! For example, the companies can now be excluded from the classification of the business venture for the sale of digital assets. The government tries to convince us that all these restrictions are just to prevent money laundering and tax evasion. But what is the real result? Ann Zhigalina traced the chronology of all the legislative changes in Korea and came out with a great article that gained 4700+ views this week. #2 — One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! This ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (September 3 - 7)
Regulation   |   08.09.18  |  

... Market. What Are Bruxelles Going To Do? This disturbing headline has obviously caught your attention, resulting in 5200+ views this article got recently. And that’s a really interesting material by Oleg Koldaev on how European authorities prevent money laundering, sponsoring terrorism, illegal weapon and drug sale involving cryptocurrencies. The sum mentioned above proves that their measures are still ineffective. Don’t hesitate and learn why with Bitnewstoday. # 1 - The Smart City Risks: Who ...

Investigating Black Fintech: Regulators' Verdict
Italy   |   06.09.18  |  

... was pretty much unknown to the law enforcement agencies. Selling of the illicit substances, payments for the services of dubious kind, and stolen information trade used to be “all the rage.” Also, let us not forget that SilkRoad, Chinese and Asian money laundering schemes, or hitmen and hackers that were being paid in bitcoin were on the front pages for a long, long time. But now all major actors in the cryptocurrencies business are putting as much distance as they possibly can into separating ...

Groundhog day
News   |   16.07.18  |  

... april, when country’s anti-monopoly court ordered Banco Estado and Itau Corpbanca to re-open accounts of Buda, another cryptoexhange, that was closed during blanket banning of the accounts involved with the crypto industry. American court against money laundering American bitcoin trader that was using a P2P trading site LocalBitcoins, Theresa Lynn Tetley has been sentenced to 12 months and a day in prison with a three year supervision after release for laundering bitcoin and running unlicensed ...

FATF improves methods of opposing the terrorism financing
Regulation   |   02.07.18  |  

Learn about the exact stage the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering or the FATF has reached in the field of crypto regulation and what rumor has been indirectly confirmed in the latest statement The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering has published a report on its meeting which happened ...

Alexander Vinnik now also wanted in third country — France
Usa   |   28.06.18  |  

... under a new brand. As noted by Bitnewstoday in a brief review, exchange managers did not even redesign the site, although it was very far from ideal in the first place. Clearly not willing to go to any country which accuses him of fraud schemes and money laundering, Alexander Vinnik has made a desperate attempt to seek political asylum in Greece - AP tells that the request had been denied. Image: Reuters / Charles Platiau

Operation Dark Gold: U.S. police seeks to confiscate $24M in Bitcoin
Usa   |   27.06.18  |  

Learn about the recent operation of the United States law enforcement against drug merchants and how much money the said traders had in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as info on apprehended individuals The United States law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Marshals and regular police departments, have managed to find two individuals allegedly involved in drug trade - Ryan...

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