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Over 4.3% Monero Is Mined ​​With Crypto Malware
Crime   |   10.01.19  |  

Currently, the cost of maliciously mined XMR is more than $35 mln. Researchers estimate that at least 2,218 campaigns are active According to a new study, Monero (XMR) is the most popular cryptocurrency among criminals deploying mining malware. Sergio PASTRANA from the University of Carlos III in Madrid and Guillermo SUARES-TANGIL from King's College in London published a joint report stating that criminals have mined more than 4.3% of the total number of Monero cryptocurrency ...

Mining Сrisis: Wild West Is Over
Innovations   |   13.12.18  |  

Bitcoin mining industry revenue has fallen from around $13M/day to $6M/day just in one month After Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV have parted their ways , the gross profit of Bitcoin Cash ABC went into negative. Two camps mined unequally in a race to ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 25-30)
News   |   01.12.18  |  

... in the third-best article of the outgoing week that has reached over 4200 views on #2 - The Economic Collision Of The Crypto Market: Stockholm Gives Nobel, Oslo Withdraws Subsidies Norway cuts all the discounts on electricity for mining farms, choosing ecology protection over the benefits of the digital economy. That’s quite a strange decision, to say the least. In his latest post, Oleg Koldaev along with a number of experts opposes the Norwegian government. But what’s the ...

Big Crypto Crush Of 2018: Mining Is Dead But Not Quite Yet
Blockchain   |   27.11.18  |  

Back in 2016 cryptocurrency mining was an enthusiast and visionaries thing. In 2017 mining and bitcoin became known by everyone. But what is happening with mining in the end of 2018? In the very beginning it was very popular, since it was literally about money out of thin air,...

Unprofitable Mining. How Bitcoin Price Decrease Affected Mining Future
Blockchain   |   26.11.18  |  

Bitcoin price decrease to lower than $4,000 makes mining unprofitable in several countries including Canada, Iceland and the USA that were regarded as world leaders in the industry On November 25, 2018 Bitcoin price has hit another rock bottom reaching $3,874 per one coin. Thus the most popular cryptocurrency ...

The Economic Collision Of The Crypto Market: Stockholm Gives Nobel, Oslo Withdraws Subsidies
Legislation   |   26.11.18  |  

Norwegian authorities want to cancel electricity subsidies for mining farms, reasoning it by the detrimental consequences of their activities. Nobel Committee disagrees with them The fall in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is a disappointment for private miners and happiness for eco-enthusiasts, since standard ...

How Bitcoin Crash Can Trigger a Network Collapse
Crime   |   23.11.18  |  

... support of miners majority, it has got the followers in the community who decided to show the vulnerability of the network. They chose to make the need of immediate upgrade obvious by using quite costly provocations. At the end of June 2015, the British mining company CoinWallet decided to conduct a stress test by launching a dust attack on 10 servers with a total volume of microtransactions of 200MB. As a result, the fee increased from $0.4 to $0.6 per 1Kb, and the waiting time for confirmation of transactions ...

Roger VER vs Craig WRIGHT: How Bitcoin Cash Hardfork Turned Into Battle Between Bitmain and CoinGeek
Cryptocurrencies   |   20.11.18  |  

... team led by Amaury SÉCHET and supported by the Bitmain Co-Founder Jihan WU and the CEO Roger VER ; and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV) by the blockchain technological company nChain owned by businessman Dr Craig WRIGHT and supported by the CoinGeek mining pool of a billionaire Calvin AYRE . What led to the split and the emergence of two opposing camps? In the essence itself, a hardfork is not something out of the ordinary - basically, it's just a technological update: in order to increase scalability ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 5-9)
Cryptocurrencies   |   10.11.18  |  

A selection of the most viewed posts on during the outgoing week in our regular rubric. Become aware the latest digital economy trends with us! Beginning of the week showed your enormous activity on Bitnewstoday. Therefore, none of the stories that followed days later couldn’t reach the bar raised on Monday. So, what were the topics that caused this huge wave of interest? Let’s figure it out. #3 - Illusions: How The Crypto Market Centralized Itself This is the first part of deep...

Texas Regulator Is The Crypto Sheriff Now or Why The Cloud Mining Company Got Banned
Usa   |   08.11.18  |  

The Texas State Securities Board has cleared away the mining clouds above the state and protected the interests of private investors The digital Wild West is coming to an end. The irony is that legality is triumphing in the very Wild West, where, a hundred and fifty years ago, reckless adventurists from ...

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