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Advices to Advisors: How to become a proper ICO Marketing Consultant
Guest-posts   |   03.12.18  |  

... team looking for an Advisor — you will increase your chance to get the right support and avoid the number of non-talented advisors. Hugo Jacques is a Founder of Block Chain Impact (the Advisory service for Seed Funding - ICO / STO - Tokeneconomic - Marketing - Exchange listing), CMO and Co-founder of SmarTransitMedia (Digital Ecosystem supported by DOOH, IOT, AI, and Mobile Apps), Writer and Speaker.

When Youth Is Better Than Experience: 5 Cases, Where Crypto Does More
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   01.11.18  |  

Cryptocurrency market is just forming, but it already has stuff to teaсh to the big business, especially when it comes to the heart of marketing - advertising. Advertising is a ginormous sociocultural layer of every society, actively forming under influences of changes in its structure. Easiest example - advertising of the post-2WW America. It established that famous “American family” ...

How To Make Your ICO Website Attractive For Investors
Guest-posts   |   05.09.18  |  

... best way to present an ICO project with such instrument as a website ICOs are born global by nature: they are built on top of a global blockchain platform, they solve a global problem or provide a global service. Such nature of ICOs makes digital marketing the fundamental solution for ICO founders to reach the international community. The very first step for any ICO marketing is to maintain a professionally created website, which is the official face of the project. But it’s not that simple ...

The fallacy of trading volume
Trading   |   20.07.18  |  

... right pocket to the left one. We are not going to claim anything or judge anyone, from the high standpoint of journalism ethics that is just wrong and we can only suspect that they are using this inflated volume to lure new traders in, in a sense - a marketing ploy. Cryptoindustry needs new clients, and inflated volumes attract them, creating a skewed picture of the market’s liquidity. However, such actions are pure gasoline for the bonfire of uneasy thoughts. Yes, higher rates mean - higher traffic,...

Successful experience: useful tips for ICO marketers
Guest-posts   |   23.05.18  |  

Many companies have already completed ICOs. However, there are very few publicly available structured reports with facts and numbers that can make the life of new projects easier. Egor Egerev, CEO of, shared his experience in launching the ICO, telling Bitnewstoday readers about the most common mistakes Bitnewstoday continues to tell about successful projects, released on the ICO. Today we went to visit It is a blockchain-based ticketing platform for the entertainment...

ICOs develop new measures to attract communities: enter the ‘Bounty Bot’
Ico   |   19.04.18  |  

It is an absolute standard for ICOs to attract a community and to gather attention towards themselves; the ‘bounty campaign’. Also, in these days, often referred to as ‘airdrops’. In this article we take a look at the evolution of bounty campaign management by ICO projects A bounty or airdrop campaign can be seen as a series of tasks which can be completed by the ICOs community in order to earn project tokens. More often than not, these tasks are extremely similar. Think along the lines of sharing...

Top-5 mistakes that definitely lead to the failure of ICO
Ico   |   02.04.18  |  

... they know the product and how to develop it, but have no idea what budget they will need. There is no malice here, but investors who believed in the project and lost their investments, don’t feel any better," says Roman Kumar Vias , founder of Qmarketing agency. So, here is mistake number 1. ICO for the money. This is a situation when the project doesn’t have an understanding of why the ICO is necessary. "The biggest mistake is to launch the ICO without understanding why it is necessary ...

Tokens can bring more money if an ICO consultant devotes much time to the project
Ico   |   19.02.18  |  

... it's much better to determine a strategy at the start-up stage when you don’t sell tokens. It is preferable to find an adviser who is designed for specific tasks. These specialists may have different profiles: strategy adviser, blockchain adviser, marketing adviser, communications adviser, etc. Sometimes it's reasonable to emphasize the importance of the advisor’s presence in a project and mention his\her solid grounding and job involvement. The most experienced adviser can often be a recognized ...

7 steps to run $100 Million ICO
Ico   |   21.12.17  | has worked out a list of recommendations for those who are going to present their idea to the market and think about how to launch their ICO Reports of millions of dollars raised with ICO in a matter of days, and sometimes even minutes, inspire many innovators. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the process, coins offering is a complicated matter requiring proper preparation. has made an instruction for startups that plan to launch ICO, and explained how...

How to write a good white paper for ICO: step-by-step instruction
Ico   |   19.12.17  |  

..., partner of GMT Legal gives his advices White paper (WP) has become a fundamental document for any project launching ICO or Tokensale. In should be taken into account that legally WP cannot be considered as a full-fledged document, it is rather a marketing prospectus or a memorandum. Now there are several types of WP depending on the content. There is a technical paper - containing only information of a technical nature, there is light paper - containing an overview of the project on 3-5 pages,...

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