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Litecoin (LTC) Grips The 4th Position In The Rating. Second Wind Coming?
Cryptocurrencies   |   11.02.19  |   3501

If you look at the dynamics over the past 7 days, then Litecoin stands grandly in the "green" zone of the TOP-10, adding 32% in capitalization and leaving EOS behind One of the most unforseen and impressive consequences of the recent crypto bull run can be the return of Litecoin (LTC) to the TOP ...

Real Fees For Crypto Transactions Or How To Make A $182 Million Transfer For Just¢6
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   23.10.18  |   4058

... prerequisites for the beginning of a new trend that implies lowering of transaction fees in the crypto space. By doing so the developers are trying to increase the popularity and use of digital currencies as a means of payment. The Core Lead Developer at Litecoin Adrian GALLAGHER believes in this as well, pointing out that the current daily volume of transactions with the altcoin does not reach the block limits, and since the situation will not change over the next 3-6 months and the market will continue ...

Maltese ATM: There and back
Blockchain   |   20.07.18  |   6195

Malta sets up its’s first two way ATM. What does it mean and what will it give to you? Malteese crypto startup Moon Zebra recently launched a first two way atm that allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoin and litecoin for euro. Machine itself was strategically placed in Sliema, one of the main centers of the shopping and recreation of the whole malta, where most of the tourists stop. Moon Zebra is a result of the collaboration between Leon Siegemund - rather ...

UK Crypto Facilities to launch Litecoin derivatives soon
Investments   |   21.06.18  |   924

... out about its previous cryptocurrency futures initiatives - as well as what regulators say about all this According to the information from several media outlets on cryptocurrency, a British financial organization Crypto Facilities is going to use Litecoin as a basis for the upcoming derivatives, including but not limited to futures contracts. The launch is planned for 22 June 2018. Head of the company, Timo Schlaefer, who is also mentioned as “Tom Schlaefer” in some sources, has made a rather ...

Charlie Lee: Litecoin is secure against 51% attacks
Cryptocurrencies   |   01.06.18  |   747

What if Litecoin is the next 51% attack victim? No, responds Charlie Lee, the network is secure and this would not happen. Read this new report to find out what a 51% attack actually is Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, seeing the rumors about the relative cheapness ...

eToro to trade 10 cryptocurrencies in the US
Investments   |   17.05.18  |   3690

... platforms of Europe will soon launch 10 digital currencies for the United States customers which has been explicitly stated at the Consensus 2018 blockchain conference. The company aims to use: Bitcoin Ethereum Ethereum Classic Ripple Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Dash Stellar NEO EOS The list of digital currencies includes most popular altcoins and widely-used hard forks of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it can certainly be called wide. The company will meet a resistance from local rivals like Coinbase and ...

Reddit to return Bitcoin payments, will also support Litecoin and Ethereum
Cryptocurrencies   |   03.05.18  |   1777

The popular social media and blog platform has not abandoned the idea of cryptocurrency payments and it even wants to add Litecoin and Ethereum which have not been available before In an interview to Cheddar, the representative of the popular social media website Reddit has announced the future reopening of Bitcoin payments option. According to Christopher Slowe, they ...

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee: price maximum to repeat only in 5 years
Investments   |   28.04.18  |   7855

One of the main developers behind Litecoin explains his move connected with his funds in this cryptocurrency and tells when the maximal value will repeat again. See who his interlocutor was and other details Julian Hosp from TenX, a project dedicated to special credit cards which support ...

Why did EOS briefly drive out Litecoin and become the #5 on Coinmarketcap?
Investments   |   13.04.18  |   404

In this material one can read three possible reasons of EOS briefly overtaking Litecoin on Coinmarketcap, while also finding out about the interest of Mike Novogratz in this altcoin The digital currency EOS (sometimes the media calls it a token) has become number five on Coinmarketcap, the service widely used to check cryptocurrency ...

LitePay stops operations
Regulation   |   27.03.18  |   334

Find out below what LitePay is, how the shutdown affected the price of Litecoin, and how the principle of business transparency can be connected to this newest disaster in the Litecoin sphere A business enterprise which claimed it has developed special Litecoin-based debit cards has ceased to exist, as reported by several ...

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