Witnessing the digital breakthrough
The Game of Techs: The Markets Are in The Midst of An Epic Struggle
Blockchain   |   18.09.18  |  

....” The game can be played anywhere The success of the two branches of digital economy mentioned above, definitely can’t go unnoticed, as the world observes new branches to appear. author Oleg KOLDAYEV has dwelled on a topic of LegalTech adoption in China recently, as it becomes clear that this branch is a “game-changer” as well. We see 2018 as a year of “A-to-Z Tech” mass discussion and closer study. The outcome of 2017 brought Real Estate Tech, known also as PropTech,...

Blockchain as An Evidence: China Implements Legaltech in Court System
Blockchain   |   11.09.18  |  

The legal tech revolution happened in China: the blockchain was voted a proof, and the Internet-court opened in Beijing. Should we expect robot-judges? The Supreme Court of China recognized the validity of evidence authenticated in the blockchain. And in Beijing, the second in the Celestial Empire Internet court was opened. This means that the institutions of justice will be able to operate with virtual certificates and consider online claims for the first time in world history. So almost imperceptibly...