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Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?
Blockchain   |   22.02.19  |  

... this fact, associations, academies, schools are established in Africa. It is much cheaper to nurture talents here, and the best of the best can be attracted to the projects run by founders. Particularly successful FinTech clusters have succeeded in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa. Make haste while the sun shines Kenya had experienced a technological boom since 2007 when the political unrest in the country was settled. In the same year, the telecommunications company Safaricom initiated the development ...

America Is Not A Leader Anymore. Kenya Is Ahead
Forecasts   |   16.10.18  |  

... in Blockchain Association of Africa. This time it’s Dean KIRKLAND , also known as ‘Crypto the Wonderdog’, who made an interesting interview with Nakia J. WHITE. This wonderful woman was living and working in New Jersey, but eventually moved to Kenya for more amazing opportunities. She unveils exciting facts from her making business with blockchain and educating the youngsters in Africa. Here are the excerpts from the story, the full interview can be found here. Dean: When you think of technology,...

Kenyan Hi-Tech: Blockchain to Challenge Corruption
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.08.18  |  

Kenyan government eyes new technologies and plans to use  them. The officials want to implement blockchain to fight pressing issues. But is it it going to solve them all? The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) eyes to use blockchain ...

The Kenyan government will decide upon cryptocurrencies’ fate in two weeks time
Africa   |   09.07.18  |  

To ban or to regulate? That is the question for Kenyan officials. The authorities of the Treasury will decide upon the fate of digital assets as soon as it is possible Kenyan authorities will decide upon bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in terms of the legal tender. A two-week time is given to ...

Bitcoin faces resistance in Kenya despite a vibrant community
Kenya   |   30.11.17  |  

Despite backwardness of its economy, Kenya still keeps up with the world's technological trends. The sharp increase in popularity of cryptocurrency has not bypassed this East African state The third world country unexpectedly for many has become a pioneer of mobile banking around the world....