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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Russian Federal Tax Service sees first crypto declaration
Russia   |   15.06.18  |  

... of one of such platforms have been closed in favor of the defendant this year. In the neighbouring countries, cryptocurrency is either viewed as a means of additional state revenue (with Belarus being the prime example) or as a toxic financial tool (Kazakhstan authorities stick with this approach despite all complaints from the local business). Image: Zach Copley / Flickr

Kazakhstan to ban cryptocurrency
Kazakhstan   |   02.04.18  |  

While there were some indications that the country in Middle Asia might allow cryptocurrency business in specific cases, the majority of those officials who wanted the ban of the related market activities has won Kazakhstan’s Central Bank leader Daniyar Akishev has told the Russian media about the view of his establishment on cryptocurrency. He said that both mining of digital currencies and the exchange of tenge (the local fiat currency) for any digital coins ...

Businessman connected with Yobit arrested in Moscow
Russia   |   21.02.18  |  

The authorities of Kazakhstan request to apprehend Pavel Krymov, an alleged fraudster. Russian law enforcers catch him in Moscow. Find out how Krymov might be connected with Yobit, a crypto exchange The alleged leader of the cryptocurrency exchange called Yobit or at ...

Kazakhstan’s FinMin employees mined at work
Kazakhstan   |   05.02.18  |  

Mining at work consumes the corporate, or, as in this case, governmental resources for the benefit of dishonest employees. The recent case in Kazakhstan confirms that the problem never disappeared even though mentioned less than other coin-related crimes The employees of the governmental committee dedicated to state budget revenues did not contribute to the state at all, as the local law ...

Kazakhstan has become the second state to regulate the cryptocurrency market
Kazakhstan   |   17.07.17  |  

The participants of the working group created together with the Astana International Finance Centre told about the prospects for development of the cryptocurrency regulation in Kazakhstan July 13 in Moscow the Astana International Finance Centre announced the creation of a working group including Deloitte, CIS, Waves, Juscutum and "Kesarev Consulting". It is aimed at development of an ecosystem for blockchain-based ...

EAEU countries work on introduction of national cryptocurrencies
Russia   |   17.07.17  |  

National or global one – EAEU countries think over creation of national cryptocurrencies EAEU countries – Russia, Armenia, Byelorussia, Kirgizia and Kazakhstan shifted from longstanding discussions on the need to introduce a common currency and its efficiency, to more advanced technologies. According to referring to Minister of Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission ...