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HerdX and UPS Deliver US Beef to Japan with Blockchain Verification
Innovations   |   12.11.19  |  

... recorded the temperature of the cargo from the point of departure to destination. The data has been uploaded and integrated into the HerdX verification platform. UPS customs brokers have coordinated with health, food, and safety authorities in the US and Japan to get all the necessary certificates that made delivery possible. HerdX founder Ron HICKS commented on the event: “UPS Freight Forwarding and Logistics services more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Our official international logistics ...

Crypto Donations to Political Parties in Japan Will Not Be Subject to Regulation
Japan   |   09.10.19  |  

... where extremely wealthy people can simply pay politicians to pass a certain number of laws so that their business does not suffer. Well, even that weak tool has now been jeopardized with the non-inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the regulation. However, Japan could be the only place where such a thing is possible, due to an extremely low number of cases where corruption was sighted. Attempts abroad There used to be talks about using cryptocurrencies for funding smaller political parties in various other ...

Japanese FSA Publishes Draft Guidelines For Crypto Asset Investments
Legislation   |   04.10.19  |  

The decision is one of the steps of the country's authorities to manage market development. Public comments on the revision are accepted by the FSA until the end of October The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) has published a guideline for funds investing in cryptocurrencies. The decision is one of the steps taken by the country's authorities to manage market development. In the introduction to the proposed changes to the ...

Monex Group To Pay Dividends To Shareholders and Investors in Bitcoins
Cryptocurrencies   |   26.09.19  |  

Monex claims that they are driven by a growing “aspiration” to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Investors will receive the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen in BTC The financial giant Monex Group, which owns the Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange, says it plans to make payments to shareholders in 2019 as part of its medium-term dividends using bitcoins, according to a company press release ....

Japanese Softbank Sets Up $108 Bln Fund for Artificial Intelligence
Artificial-intelligence   |   24.09.19  |  

Technology giants, large Japanese banks and funds, private investors from Taiwan, and the government of Kazakhstan to participate in fundraising Softbank, together with Apple, Microsoft, and Foxconn, is creating a new investment mechanism — an unprecedented investment fund ...

Japanese Messenger App LINE Launches Crypto Exchange on Its Platform
Exchanges   |   19.09.19  |  

LINE declares that it wants to increase the convenience of connecting users to the cryptocurrency trading process, and plans to make the existing messenger application a “smart portal” LINE, the Japanese messaging application, has announced the official launch of its own crypto exchange, which will provide service for the platforms 81 million users. According to a statement, the exchange is called Bitmax. It will allow five crypto assets for ...

Bitpoint Exchange Hacked; Losses Amount About $32 Mln
Crime   |   12.07.19  |  

On Thursday, employees noticed a suspicious withdrawal of funds from the hot wallet. The exchange suspended all operations, including trading, input and output of all crypto assets Bitpoint, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan, was hacked, CoinDesk Japan reports . Losses amount to $32 million in cryptocurrencies. Bitpoint suspended all transactions, including trading, deposits and withdrawals of all crypto assets, on Friday morning. This happened after employees of the ...

Japanese FSA Sees No Barriers In Approving Facebook Libra
Legislation   |   02.07.19  |  

According to the regulator, Libra "most likely will not be a cryptographic asset (virtual currency)" The leading financial authority in Japan said that the Facebook Libra project is likely to be approved. The Nikkei agency reports that the FSA sees no legal obstacles since it does not technically consider Libra to be a cryptocurrency. According to the regulator, Libra "is likely ...

The Japanese House of Representatives Introduced New Crypto Regulations
Legislation   |   22.05.19  |  

The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session The Japanese House of Representatives has passed new crypto regulation in the upper house of the National Diet, local news agency Nikkei reports. The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors ...

AML And Crypto Transactions Identification Is On The Agenda Of G20 Summit
Legislation   |   05.04.19  |  

The summit will be held from 8 to 9 June and marks an important step from the authorities: to accept the fact that decentralized means of data and values sharing ​​become the norm Japanese media report that a new proposal on the international regulation of virtual currencies is on the agenda at the G20 summit where finance ministers and central bank governors will hold a meeting in June in Fukuoka. The summit will be held from ...

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