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Bitpoint Exchange Hacked; Losses Amount About $32 Mln
Crime   |   12.07.19  |  

On Thursday, employees noticed a suspicious withdrawal of funds from the hot wallet. The exchange suspended all operations, including trading, input and output of all crypto assets Bitpoint, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan, was hacked, CoinDesk Japan reports . Losses amount to $32 million in cryptocurrencies. Bitpoint suspended all transactions, including trading, deposits and withdrawals of all crypto assets, on Friday morning. This happened after employees of the ...

Japanese FSA Sees No Barriers In Approving Facebook Libra
Legislation   |   02.07.19  |  

According to the regulator, Libra "most likely will not be a cryptographic asset (virtual currency)" The leading financial authority in Japan said that the Facebook Libra project is likely to be approved. The Nikkei agency reports that the FSA sees no legal obstacles since it does not technically consider Libra to be a cryptocurrency. According to the regulator, Libra "is likely ...

The Japanese House of Representatives Introduced New Crypto Regulations
Legislation   |   22.05.19  |  

The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session The Japanese House of Representatives has passed new crypto regulation in the upper house of the National Diet, local news agency Nikkei reports. The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors ...

AML And Crypto Transactions Identification Is On The Agenda Of G20 Summit
Legislation   |   05.04.19  |  

The summit will be held from 8 to 9 June and marks an important step from the authorities: to accept the fact that decentralized means of data and values sharing ​​become the norm Japanese media report that a new proposal on the international regulation of virtual currencies is on the agenda at the G20 summit where finance ministers and central bank governors will hold a meeting in June in Fukuoka. The summit will be held from ...

Bitcoin Cash Grows By 50% Amid the Asian Hype
Cryptocurrencies   |   03.04.19  |  

... extremely inconsistent data comes from exchanges: the price of BCH in certain peak periods reached $1,000 per unit on different platforms. Earlier, Roger VER emphasized that the reasons for BCH growth might be the news of its large-scale adoption in Japan, where interest in Bitcoin Cash is higher than in BTC. At the same time, other sources report that a spike in trading in Asia could have been caused by an automated software that was set up to trade $100 mln on three exchanges at once. Image courtesy ...

SBI Holdings and Russian Banks Partner: How Will Ripple Benefit From This?
Innovations   |   25.01.19  |  

SBI Holdings reached an agreement with two Russian and Japanese banks. It was signed during the meeting of the President of Russia with the Prime Minister of Japan The partner of Ripple, Japanese corporation SBI Holdings, reached an agreement with two Russian and Japanese banks. The Russian Direct Investment ...

The First Yen Stablecoin Approved by The Japanese Regulator
Cryptocurrencies   |   22.01.19  |  

The stablecoin is a product of the Japanese fintech company Crypto Garage. The license will be valid for one year; the product must be tested during this period The stablecoin which is backed by the Japanese yen has been approved by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) for test ...

The Japanese Yen Grabs Leadership In Bitcoin-To-Fiat Trading
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.12.18  |  

The Japanese Yen competes with US dollar. The country still is the leader in the sphere of crypto and blockchain in Asia Japanese crypto enthusiasts strike back: according to the information of bitcoin index compiled by CoinHills data site, the Yen has ...

Japan: Will The Largest Shipping Company Shanghai Up Their Seamen For Stablecoins
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   28.11.18  |  

... happening on the digital market: against the background of the fall in the bitcoin exchange rate the popularity of different stablecoins will increase. And as if in confirmation of the guess, an interesting piece of crypto news has appeared: the largest Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusen has announced its intention to issue its own digital monetary unit to pay the salaries of the crew members. One coin will cost $1. At the disposal of the Nippon Yusen, there are more than 800 ships sailing under ...

How Asian Self-Regulation Will Change The Future Of The Digital Economy
Regulation   |   26.10.18  |  

Japan has followed the way of South Korea and initiated self-regulation for crypto-exchanges. Once again, Europe and America can be left at the rear of the progress The Southeast Asian market has become a kind of an incubator and testing site for the ...

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