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Italian Ministry of Economic Development To Use Blockchain To Protect SMEs
Innovations   |   26.11.19  |  

A pilot project developed jointly with IBM and a number of Italian textile and high fashion enterprises is aimed at protecting manufacturers from counterfeiting Stefano PATUANELLI , Minister of Economic Development of Italy, presented a pilot project, developed jointly with IBM and a number of Italian textile and high fashion enterprises, aimed at protecting national manufacturers from counterfeiting. The project was presented in the building of the Ministry of Economic ...

The First “Smart” Wine Label Presented in Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   26.11.19  |  

It creates an interactive communication between producer and consumer and works as a virtual assistant activated by a QR code The first “smart” speaking label with the virtual assistant option has been patented and put into circulation by the winery Cantina Colli Murgia di Gravina, located in Bari, the region of Puglia. The company is focused on producing organic wine exclusively. This is the first label that creates interactive communication between producer and consumer and is the first virtual...

Artificial Intelligence To Increase GDP in Italy By 13% By 2030
Artificial-intelligence   |   31.10.19  |  

... McKinsey Global Institute (which is an economic research “think tank” at McKinsey & Company), the use of artificial intelligence will boost EU GDP by 19% by 2030. In monetary terms, this means an estimated increase of 2 trillion 700 billion euros. In Italy, the growth will be respectively 13% of GDP and, in monetary terms, 228 billion euros. According to experts, the talks are about the upcoming fourth industrial revolution — the revolution of data, knowledge and intelligence, designed to create ...

Tourism With Artificial Intelligence in Italy
Innovations   |   26.09.19  |  

... marketing at Borgo Egnazia. “All of this has the ultimate goal to provide an opportunity to feel more personalized and a unique experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere.” The news is provided by Vsevolod Gnetii, Bitnewstoday correspondent in Italy

Mandatory Notification of Cryptocurrency Transactions Introduced in Italy
Italy   |   18.09.19  |  

... recommends paying maximum attention to the alleged anomalous creation of reserves used in the purchase of virtual assets Payment for goods or services with virtual currency entails the obligation to notify the supervisory authorities of the operations in Italy. Back in 2015, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF - Unità di informazione finanziaria), was created under the Central Bank of Italy with full operational and managerial autonomy — it notified of the risks of money laundering, and the financing ...

Italian Citizens are Required to Include Cryptocurrency Transactions in Their Tax Declarations
Italy   |   28.08.19  |  

... non-resident intermediaries. At the same time, the obligation to reflect cryptocurrency transactions in a tax return does not apply to individuals or legal entities that conduct financial transactions with cryptocurrencies through intermediaries residing in Italy.

Italian Retailers Use Blockchain and QR Codes for Food Supply Chain Traceability
Blockchain   |   19.08.19  |  

Supermarkets have launched a number of blockchain-based solutions, which guarantee the immutability of registered data and the presence of the entire data stream Large retail chains and several food manufacturers in Italy are investing in projects to monitor and trace the entire food supply chain in order to make it more transparent to customers, for example, by enabling them to identify information on the label using a smartphone. Modern consumers are quite demanding ...

Italian Financial Guard Warns of Cryptocurrency Risks
Legislation   |   16.08.19  |  

According to department analysts, it is necessary to assess the risks of cryptocurrencies at the supranational level and develop predictable forecasts to protect Italy at a strategic level In the analytical report of the Italian Financial Guard, which functions as financial intelligence and tax police, the risks of cryptocurrencies are classified into four categories: financial, monetary, criminal, and confrontational....

A Lack Of Artificial Intelligence Managers Threatens Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   24.05.19  |  

... users. However, for the mass development and use of computers, it took decades. Currently, there is just the same gap: artificial intelligence is moving forward by leaps and bounds, while the formation of qualified managers is lagging far behind. In Italy, there is an acute shortage of personnel capable of developing data analysis and their interpretation. In order to fill this gap, some experts suggest introducing the concept of studying right on the go. That is the development of a conceptual idea ...

Robots To Blame: 3 Mln Workers Are Under Threat In Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   14.05.19  |  

... with a low level of education. For highly skilled workers with higher education and particularly with a high degree of specialization, the risk of losing jobs caused by the robotization is rather small. According to OSCE experts, the main problem of Italy is “skill mismatch” — the mismatch of qualifications or skills with the requirements of work. This gap is very large. On this indicator, Italy is last on the list of European countries, and it is followed by, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ireland ...

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