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A Lack Of Artificial Intelligence Managers Threatens Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   24.05.19  |  

... users. However, for the mass development and use of computers, it took decades. Currently, there is just the same gap: artificial intelligence is moving forward by leaps and bounds, while the formation of qualified managers is lagging far behind. In Italy, there is an acute shortage of personnel capable of developing data analysis and their interpretation. In order to fill this gap, some experts suggest introducing the concept of studying right on the go. That is the development of a conceptual idea ...

Robots To Blame: 3 Mln Workers Are Under Threat In Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   14.05.19  |  

... with a low level of education. For highly skilled workers with higher education and particularly with a high degree of specialization, the risk of losing jobs caused by the robotization is rather small. According to OSCE experts, the main problem of Italy is “skill mismatch” — the mismatch of qualifications or skills with the requirements of work. This gap is very large. On this indicator, Italy is last on the list of European countries, and it is followed by, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ireland ...

Blockchain And Big Data To Be Deployed For Food & Wine Sector In Italy
Blockchain   |   30.04.19  |  

... guarantee the growth of a certain type of grain or fruit and vegetable products in a specific geographic area. Mr Rosati believes that in addition to the blockchain, big data will play a great role in the future development of the food & wine sector in Italy. Thanks to the interaction with social networks, it is able to provide a huge amount of information about consumer behaviour and preferences. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain reliable information about preferences in choosing wines in restaurants ...

Italian Bank Bets On FinTech To Attract ‘Digital Generation’
Innovations   |   29.04.19  |  

... euros). The strategic goal is to reduce branches and corporate reorganization: currently, the banking group includes five banks, and in 2021 there will be two of them — BPER Banca and Banco di Sardegna. By Vsevolod Gnetii, Bitnewstoday correspondent in Italy Image courtesy by Centroilcastello

Avant-garde Fintech And Traditional Banks in Italy: War or Truce?
Italy   |   16.04.19  |  

Last year became a period of unprecedented rise for one of the leaders in the fintech sphere - Satispay. Banks felt threatened and responded immediately There is a heated discussion in the Italian media about the future of the country's banking system. The first blow was struck by Alberto DALMASSO , founder of Satispay, an electronic payment system. Last year was a period of unprecedented rise for one of the leaders in the field of financial technology: the number of clients increased from 230...

Neapolitan Mafia Utilizes Bitcoin Payments
Crime   |   04.03.19  |  

... and the transactions take place in the Deep Web, where Bitcoin became popular means of payment. In such a situation, “suppliers” remain beyond the reach of law enforcement agencies. The first case of payment with cryptocurrency was registered in Italy in 2016: the police arrested a student who was selling drugs online and paid suppliers with cryptocurrency. Two years later, a criminal gang was arrested, procuring drugs with crypto as well. Last year, a “hi-tech” drug dealer was arrested in ...

Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
Blockchain   |   27.02.19  |  

... Star Movemenеt, to oppose e-Сommerce giants, first of all, Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay, which, according to the Italian government, stifle SME, putting thousands of jobs at risk. According to the developers, the new IT platform will be made entirely in Italy. The launch of the blockchain platform will coincide with the government’s approval of a number of legislative initiatives designed to strictly regulate e-Commerce. One of the points of the government program is the traceability of the origin ...

Italian Crypto Fraudsters Use the Central Bank Logo In Social Networks
Crime   |   01.02.19  |  

The criminals, who offer fabulous earnings on investments in cryptocurrency, stop at nothing. The Central Bank of Italy has applied to law enforcement authorities According to unofficial estimates, in Italy alone, the annual turnover of cryptocurrencies by social network scammers is 3 bln euros. Organized crime stands behind the numerous accounts of self-styled ...

Banca Sella, Lloyd's and Mastercard Are Testing The Waters of Fintech
Blockchain   |   07.09.18  |  

... consider this stuff “useless” and “pointless.” The thing is - they just can because they have history and tradition to back their opinion (and let’s not forget about reputation and finances). However, nothing is set in stone. Let’s take Italy as an example. Out there official stance on the fintech is pretty negative. Well, they have reasons, as one of the official reports says: “Cryptocurrencies are very unreliable and potentially dangerous.” And the oldest bank of Italy, Banca Sella,...

Investigating Black Fintech: Regulators' Verdict
Italy   |   06.09.18  |  

... so-called wash trades. And facts like this, that are pretty much endemic in the world of crypto, are troublesome enough. They attract the attention of the regulators that are almost traditionally skeptical when it comes to crypto. This is the case in Italy. The Financial Intelligence Unit of Italy (FIU), which performs the functions of financial intelligence remains vigilant when it comes to crypto. According to its report, cryptocurrencies as an asset class are "susceptible to illegal and criminal ...

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