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BCH: 7 Days That Shook The Crypto World
Cryptocurrencies   |   29.11.18  |   4159

Since the beginning of the week BCH reigns as an antihero of sorts: If it goes down — it does it faster than anyone. If it goes up — it’s behind everyone. This disproportion can be explained by recent hardfork. Since last Monday cryptocurrency market was slow but steady at its crawling out of the big slump. As off the writing this article (28.11.18) it got back at the $132 market cap, and that made the traders rejoice because just within the previous week “crypto” lost whopping $50 bln. Currencies...

Big Crypto Crush Of 2018: Mining Is Dead But Not Quite Yet
Technologies   |   27.11.18  |   3792

... became known by everyone. But what is happening with mining in the end of 2018? In the very beginning it was very popular, since it was literally about money out of thin air, that did not require space age levels of knowledge or out of this world investments. The simplicity of this whole mining thing was a key to the exponential growth of the nascent industry and a reason why so many new players were continually popping up on the market. However, it the end of 2018 everything has changed. A recent ...

Institutional Investors Strategy: Drop The Market, Buy Coins At Lows And Go To Bakkt To Trade
Investments   |   23.11.18  |   4494

What connects the sale of treasury bonds on the US stock market with Bitcoin decline and the upcoming launch of the Bakkt A month ago crypto market participants were talking about the unusual low volatility of the main cryptocurrency, complaining about the lack of dynamics. As the saying goes, you asked for it. Out of the blue, in just a week Bitcoin collapsed in a week by 30% to the level of the end of August 2017. The crash was triggered by the last week's Bitcoin Cash hardfork when the opposing...

Everybody's Worried About Bitcoin Сrash Except Bitcoin And The Market Itself
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.11.18  |   4514

The cost of bitcoin is going again and all traders are hot and bothered by the potential losses. But is this that important for the bitcoin and the market itself? Over the past couple of weeks, the cryptocurrency market has been deeply and densely coloured in a multi-layered red. For several months, we have observed flattening, but the innovations did not happen to change the way the crypto investors had expected it. Bitter disappointment overtook those who shouted HODL desperately, due to a sudden...

How Should ICOs & Investors Handle a Bear Market
Ico   |   22.11.18  |   4433

... 10 days due to market volatility — such fluctuation could risk the future of the whole projects, and we are to observe such downfalls yet. Conclusion As we can see, a bear market is difficult for both investors who fear the risk of losing on their investments and for entrepreneurs who find it extremely difficult to raise funds with crypto prices declining. However, at the positive side, long term investors have the best chances right now, such investors have no plans to cash out in month or two ...

Bitcoin Rally: One Man’s Hell Is Another Man’s Heaven
Technologies   |   20.11.18  |   4205

Why the BCH hardfork led to the Bitcoin fall and whether the crypto investors should be concerned The recent hardfork of Bitcoin Cash led to the fall of the entire crypto market, the capitalization of which declined by 31% after the week since the event - from $210 bn on 14th of November to $144.4 bn on the 20th. Why did the division of the once fourth-largest cryptocurrency transactions into two different coins provoke such a significant collapse? In pursuit of their business interests, each of...

NVT Ratio: How Much Is Your Bitcoin Really Worth
Cryptocurrencies   |   16.11.18  |   4150

How to determine the real value of the cryptocurrency and understand whether it is overrated or not? How to buy it at the lows and sell it at the highs? Analysts have an answer Recently, we touched upon the topic of crypto trading , where our experts, who trade digital assets themselves, noted the importance of an analytical approach in making trading decisions. It is the market analysis that can give you an opportunity to make profits at maximum or not to lose, but try your hand in trading at...

I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
Ico   |   14.11.18  |   4578

... celebrity names in promoting consumer goods and services. But it’s not so simple with the financial market. One can throw away a bottle of untasty coke promoted by their favourite actor and forget about it forever. Obviously, it’s not the same with investments ( read more ) No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups During the first three quarters of 2018, ICO projects managed to attract $13.9 bln of investments , which is by $10 bln more or 263% higher than the total volume ...

Singapore vs Malta: Battle for The Crypto Market Dominance
Singapore   |   13.11.18  |   4547

... no good reason to ban digital currency in the city-state.” - Operations with virtual currencies are subject to the same taxes as goods and services. - Since the beginning of the crypto industry, the Singaporean market has been favorable to foreign investments, for example, after China banned virtual assets, the city-state’s market has become a safe harbor for a large number of startups chased out from home. - Singapore is very cautious when it comes to the security tokens and haven’t approved ...

No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups
Ico   |   09.11.18  |   5439

Even though ICO-projects attracted $13.9 bln in the first three quarters of 2018, this method of fundraising is losing its momentum. What are the reasons During the first three quarters of 2018, ICO projects managed to attract $13.9 bln of investments , which is by $10 bln more or 263% higher than the total volume of 2017. At the international forum Blockchain Life 2018 we talked to the participants of the crypto market to find out whether ICO has retained its popularity and what kind of ...

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