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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


The Question of The ROI: How Much Can An ICO Pay You Back
18.10.2018 19:36:00  |   MarketIco

... for them ROI from 3 x to 10 x will be quite successful. You also need to have in mind that not always lots of media hype and successful token sale guarantee the successful development of the project. That is why it is impossible to make a decision on investments in the blockchain without weighing all the pros and cons.

Getting Backstage of Online Sports Betting: Khabib and Conor Are Now On Blockchain
09.10.2018 12:19:00  |   NewsTechnology

The online sports betting market is expected to increase to $18-24 bln by 2020. How DLT can boost its further development and create new opportunities for players to make higher profits. The biggest MMA event of the year was held this weekend. Lightweight champion Khabib NURMAGOMEDOV was defending his title against two-time champion Conor MCGREGOR at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Before the fight, the pay-per-view buys was closer to 3 million and the number of wagers can be only imagined...

Tokenization To Make $1 Trillion of VC Investments Liquid
05.10.2018 11:58:00  |   NewsTechnology

... capital and institutional investors are increasingly turning to the crypto market in a hope of discovering new income opportunities, as well as solving the problems they face in the traditional financial sphere. Venture funds, which suffer from their investments “sitting” in startups for an average of 3-7 years, are no exception. Representatives of the Luxembourg exchange platform VNX Exchange noted that about $1 trln is held in venture funds without any movement, which reduces the profitability ...

Catching A Fish Or What Are The Crypto Funds
04.10.2018 14:49:00  |   MarketIco

... is a croupier here who tilts the table in one direction or another. The ball can roll not according to the rules that you suppose at all. So, it's hard to win. Next, there is the question, in which markets and how to invest. It is important that the investments are a high-tech conveyor, not a piece-work production. Piece investment is dangerous because a one-hit wonder in one project may cause losses next time. Many singe their feathers at this. BNT: So, how can one avoid singing feathers while investing ...

Bitmain's Assets: What's Wrong With Financial Situation Before IPO
01.10.2018 21:40:00  |   NewsTechnology

The mining leader disclosed consolidated financial data for the first six months of 2018. How things are actually going in Bitmain and what risks IPO investors may face. Previously, we wrote about the possible reasons that pushed the mining giant to consider holding an initial public offering (IPO). On September 26, the company finally submitted an official application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). The underwriters will be Hong Kong Securities Limited, Maples and Calder (Hong Kong),...

Latin America: From State Support of Cryptocurrency To Jail For Mining
01.10.2018 14:31:00  |   NewsRegulation

Why in some Latin American countries crypto traders have their hands tied, while in others the state actively supports the digital currency? Latin American countries are notable now for an unprecedented growth in the blockchain sector. This market is expected to grow by 30.3% in the next five years. However, the old world in the face of banks resists the evolution in the economy, inhibiting the development of the crypto market. The reason is clear: banks are afraid of losing investors. Thus...

Business on The Pump: The Main Thing Is To Withdraw On Time. How Speculators Manipulate The Market of Weak Projects
28.09.2018 14:30:00  |   MarketIco

How to save your investments in weak projects and how to do business on the pump. The exclusive interview of the managing partner of ADDCAPITAL and AddVenture Aleksei PROKOFIEV. Currently, the number of cryptocurrencies in the market amounts approximately to 1500; ...

Real Estate: Blockchain Threatens Notaries and Realtors
26.09.2018 23:31:00  |   NewsTechnology

The real estate and the related services have remained unshakable and unchanged for decades. The total value of the notarial services market is $30 bln, estimated amount of documents that gets notarized each year in the land of the bold and free - one billion. These numbers are colossal and seemingly notarial services as industry has no reasons to be bothered with anything. And if it was not for that meddling blockchain things could’ve stayed the same for years and years. Because right now - they...

ICO vs STO: Struggle For The Markets of The Future
26.09.2018 12:16:00  |   NewsTechnology

Future of the cryptoverse depends on the direction of the development that it will choose. And market has already set a possible course. This whole term “Initial Coin Offering” or more common one - ICO, has been feeling itself at home in the hearts and minds of the participants of the “startup crowd”. No wonder - to “cook up” a good ICO means to pull out a “golden ticket” out of the rubbish bin. Just see yourself - according to the statistics, amount of money that was gathered throughout first...

Investment Experience of SAP Top Manager
25.09.2018 12:22:00  |   NewsAltcoin

... The “hodling” approach of crypto investors is widespread nowadays. In May the biggest crypto exchange in South Korea, Bithumb carried out a survey among its clients which showed that 42,8% of 2500 respondents plan to hold their digital currency investments for a long term while only 27% investors are interested in making fast money. 13,1% has bought digital assets for investment goals while 10,5% intends to spend revenues generated from crypto currencies on marriage or real estate. The majority ...

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