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Just Insure It! TOON #8
Innovations   |   23.10.18  |  

InsurTech is a great disruptive force affecting the insurance market. Its role increases, the alignment of forces changes day by day. The traditional approach is a past now. Insurtech created a real sensation in the insurance market, as well as FinTech ...

Four Threats For Insurance Agents To Disappear In a Brave New Tech World
Blockchain   |   18.10.18  |  

... ability of customers to compare insurance products offered and prices easily has a great influence on the agents. According to the EY survey, 80% of the customers prefer to use digital and remote channel options already. Technological Improvements (InsurTech) Of all of the issues mentioned the InsurTech will have the most impact on insurance agents, since this area disrupts the entire industry, including the activity of agents and brokers. All the issues, such as revenue reduction, regulatory impact,...

Reinsurers Turn To Tech: Insurance Market Cannot Carry Double
Blockchain   |   18.10.18  |  

Startups don’t see insurance companies as their shareholders. This is an opportunity for the reinsurers to shoot two hares: enter new technologies and reach the end customers. Anyone who looks at InsurTech investment data, can identify the level of investments from the traditional insurance companies in InsurTech startups. An interesting angle related to this matter is the reference of the startups to the reinsurance companies and the benefit ...

Rethink Your HR Policy: How to Get The Best Out of Tech-Savvy People
Blockchain   |   04.10.18  |  

... These statements add fuel to the fire of an impending threat in the nearest future. Meanwhile, the theory comes to life as a practice: the case of Goldman Sachs is a great example of artificial intelligence victory over human one. So, the threat of InsurTech over the reinsurance described by Mr. O’Connell is not just a doom prophecy, it’s a great vision over the horizon. Let’s go further: the blockchain prototype tests made by B3i this year have proved to be a success; Ken MARKE is eager ...

Four Reasons Why InsurTech Startups Won’t Get Subdued by Traditional Institutions
Blockchain   |   21.09.18  |  

Let’s imagine the idea that the traditional insurance market plots against InsurTech startups. Is there a possibility of a real threat on the horizon? Previously, we wrote that InsurTech makes its way to the global markets and attracts attention as a lucrative investment target — technological breakthrough can provide 10% ...

The Game of Techs: The Markets Are in The Midst of An Epic Struggle
Blockchain   |   18.09.18  |  

FinTech and InsurTech are the most discussed evolving ‘houses’ in the technological race, but what about the other areas and opportunities? We see the establishment of new industries in a live mode, as ideas and phenomenons like FinTech and InsurTech attract ...

InsurTech Changes The Insurance But 8 Out of 10 Legacy Players Afraid To Lose Their Positions
Blockchain   |   17.09.18  |  

InsurTech is in the spotlight of researchers — the new technological players take new positions step by step. How the legacy players are going to manage that? 2018 was the year of InsurTech development, despite the fact that this process was going ...

Bermuda Insurtech Attracted $14 Bln of Investments
Uk   |   28.08.18  |  

... (BSE). There are 800 securities listed on the stock exchange. The Exchange specialises in listing and trading of capital market instruments such as equities, debt issues, funds (including hedge fund structures) and depository receipt programmes. “Insurtech”on the Islands According to the recent Aon research, Bermuda Island has attracted approximately $14 billion in cumulative investment in insurance technology, or “insurtech”. This phenomenal success probably motivated the Government to ...