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IEOs Popularity On the Upswing; Outdo STOs & ICOs In H1 2019
Ico   |   08.07.19  |  

... incredibly successful at raising funds, providing immediate returns to investors, offering an exit on an exchange and have rekindled investor interest Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) have bested all other fundraising mechanisms including STOs and ICOs during H1 2019, according to Inwara's Blockchain and Crypto report - H1 2019. Brushing up the basics, in case you’re not familiar with IEOs — you can think of them as the centralized cousins of ICOs. IEOs are token offerings launched exclusively ...

Project Tokenomics: Problems and Solutions
Ico   |   05.07.19  |  

... economy", or "tokenomics," leads me to a suspicion that the creator of the token does not clearly understand its economic meaning and feels the need to justify it for himself or for an audience of observers." The problem of existing ICO projects The need to create a competent tokenomics appeared as a consequence of the ongoing ICO launches. This does not mean that it wasn’t necessary to think through the technical details of the blockchain project previously, but over time, investors ...

How Australia Is Changing Its Crypto Landscape With New ICO Guidelines
Australia   |   04.07.19  |  

The new ICO guidelines were implemented in Australia. The main idea of implementing them was to provide the population with transparency from the company’s side of operations Australia has been mentioned in crypto news several times this month already, but ...

Is It Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies?
Guest-posts   |   13.06.19  |  

... you are not alone. There is no fixed answer to that. Put it simply, there is no such thing as a safe investment. Each investment type has its own risk. Some are safer than others, some are not. The volatility of investing in cryptocurrency with good ICO rating has been increasing. But exchanging the cryptocurrencies does not have to be high-risk activity if you understand the marketplace. If you are updated to the ICO rating, you will likely be able to find the top promising ICO. Consider taking ...

Comparing Token Models: What Each Achieved in May 2019
Ico   |   11.06.19  |  

The three fundraising models allow organizations to raise capital directly from investors by leveraging the internet and blockchain technology. But what about the stats? First, it was the ICO, then it became the STO (the supposed ICO killers) and now it is an IEO. There is no shortage of vaguely similar three-letter acronyms in the Blockchain and Crypto space. But despite the literary similarity, each three-letter acronym represents a ...

With Over $1.4 Bln Raised in 2019, Are IEOs Replacing ICOs?
Ico   |   31.05.19  |  

In late 2017 and early 2018, there were fewer than a dozen Initial Exchange Offering projects — a spinoff of the ICO model of fundraising but in 2019, that number is close to a hundred Against the backdrop of declining ICO numbers, a new trend quickly gaining momentum in the crypto space — you guessed it IEOs! In late 2017 and early 2018, there were fewer than ...

ICOs are in free-fall. But all hope is not lost
Ico   |   14.05.19  |  

Once among the most popular fundraising mechanisms, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, is going through a rough patch right now. Still, it is not over yet, and here is why Once among the most popular fundraising mechanisms, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, is going through a rough patch right now. Why? Because-on top of the dwindling ...

Spanish CNMV Still Is Concerned About Crypto Regulations. For What Reason?
Regulation   |   19.04.19  |  

Today there are no regulatory acts in Spain regarding cryptocurrency and ICO, but still there are no updates, and the regulator is not in a hurry with decisions Spain (officially, the Kingdom of Spain) is the fourth largest country in Europe and the second largest in the European Union with a highly developed economy. The ...

Report: Number of STOs Surged By 130% In Q1 2019
Ico   |   04.04.19  |  

... 47 STOs were reported to have occurred in Q1 2019 the highest in history Security token offerings! If you’re familiar with the Crypto space then you’ve come across STOs — they’re all the rage now. With the strong negative sentiment around ICOs as a fundraising tool, primarily due to the bad actors in the space, regulatory complaint STOs took the limelight as the next significant market trend. And it appears that the security token is here to stay. During Q1 2019, the number of STOs surged ...

China: ICO and STO are objects of illegal financial activity
Legislation   |   22.03.19  |  

... Association of Financial Industry says so. Will real restrictions follow? China may significantly tighten its cryptocurrency policy. The Beijing Financial Industry Association (BIFIA) has issued a warning about illegal fund-raising activities related to ICO, IEO, STO, and stablecoins. The notice states as follows: “Recently, there have been organizations using the concept of “financial innovation” to raise funds illegally. They hold online and offline events to promote projects related with ICO,...

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