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ICOs are in free-fall. But all hope is not lost
Ico   |   14.05.19  |  

Once among the most popular fundraising mechanisms, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, is going through a rough patch right now. Still, it is not over yet, and here is why Once among the most popular fundraising mechanisms, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, is going through a rough patch right now. Why? Because-on top of the dwindling ...

Spanish CNMV Still Is Concerned About Crypto Regulations. For What Reason?
Regulation   |   19.04.19  |  

Today there are no regulatory acts in Spain regarding cryptocurrency and ICO, but still there are no updates, and the regulator is not in a hurry with decisions Spain (officially, the Kingdom of Spain) is the fourth largest country in Europe and the second largest in the European Union with a highly developed economy. The ...

Report: Number of STOs Surged By 130% In Q1 2019
Ico   |   04.04.19  |  

... 47 STOs were reported to have occurred in Q1 2019 the highest in history Security token offerings! If you’re familiar with the Crypto space then you’ve come across STOs — they’re all the rage now. With the strong negative sentiment around ICOs as a fundraising tool, primarily due to the bad actors in the space, regulatory complaint STOs took the limelight as the next significant market trend. And it appears that the security token is here to stay. During Q1 2019, the number of STOs surged ...

China: ICO and STO are objects of illegal financial activity
Legislation   |   22.03.19  |  

... Association of Financial Industry says so. Will real restrictions follow? China may significantly tighten its cryptocurrency policy. The Beijing Financial Industry Association (BIFIA) has issued a warning about illegal fund-raising activities related to ICO, IEO, STO, and stablecoins. The notice states as follows: “Recently, there have been organizations using the concept of “financial innovation” to raise funds illegally. They hold online and offline events to promote projects related with ICO,...

Common Mistakes Of Retail Crypto Investors And How To Avoid Them
Guest-posts   |   14.03.19  |  

... investors, which were lucky or smart enough to obtain the digital assets — but their investing skills proved to fail them as they lost their funds gradually. In this article, I will focus on retail investors’ common mistakes within the Blockchain / ICO / STO sphere and how to avoid them. According to Investopedia, “a retail investor, also known as an individual investor, is a non-professional investor who buys and sells securities, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) through traditional ...

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Is The Next Step In Evolving The Crypto Industry
Ico   |   12.03.19  |  

The future of the ICO is a hot topic to discuss — it has long become clear that the status quo is not an option, and the industry started looking for better ways to develop The future of the ICO is a hot topic to discuss. It has long become clear that if the status ...

DATO For ICO: Are The Philippines Looking For The Perfect Set Of Regulations?
Regulation   |   27.02.19  |  

... recognized as securities. A new stage in development was in 2018 when the special economic zone in Cagayan (CEZA) became the center of cryptocurrency startups, and it was decided to license the crypto exchanges on the territory of CEZA. The specification of ICO, tokens, cryptocurrencies still has not been clear. Regulators have postponed the approval of the set of rules over and over again. As a result, they have delayed the decision-making for almost half a year. Finally, in February 2019, Asian regulators ...

The Era After ICOs: How Does The Future Of STOs Look Like
Forecasts   |   26.02.19  |  

Few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, and it is quite clear that the future lies within the Security Token Offerings (STO), according to Richard Shibi Although we might still see few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, it is quite clear ...

Flippening 2.0: Private funding to take over ICO sales?
Forecasts   |   20.02.19  |  

Flippening 2.0 is likely a market trend that could witness ICOs becoming less accessible to the public and more exclusive towards high-net-worth individuals and institutions In retrospect, flippenning has always been associated with an altcoin like Ethereum, dethroning Bitcoin in terms of total market cap. ...

Where Did $21 Mln Go? THOR Project Is Almost Broke
Cryptocurrencies   |   08.02.19  |  

... has been done to develop the project. The THOR token has not yet been listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange The THOR project announced that it is laying off 50% of staff due to the financial difficulties. The project raised over $21 mln via ICO just over two years ago, and since then many investors have criticized management for the irrational use of money. In January 2017, THOR's crowdfunding was a success, but since then, it seems, little has been done to develop the project, and the THOR ...

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