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What will the global market get


Advices to Advisors: How to become a proper ICO Marketing Consultant
Private   |   03.12.18  |   3104

Sometimes the ICO organizers make mistakes in estimating the role of advisors in their projects. Here are some hints of what to do and what to avoid when choosing the path of an advisor Startups, institutional investors, Accelerator Blockchain Organizations and ICO ...

Five Elements To Make An ICO Attractive For Venture Capitals
Ico   |   29.11.18  |   3346

ICO fundraising has changed. Entrepreneurs realize that retail investors are not the mainstream of funds. They need to approach Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Family Offices ICO fundraising has changed dramatically during 2018, due to the major ...

How Should ICOs & Investors Handle a Bear Market
Ico   |   22.11.18  |   4417

... resistance level is where we are currently. Lastly, some analysts suggest that Christmas and New Year are coming and people want to have a peace of mind by holding on their cash. Regardless to what has really caused this bloodshed in the market, what should ICO Entrepreneurs & Investors do at this stage? Bear Market From Investor Perspective Most of the veteran investors know that all great new ideas are volatile. This definitely includes the blockchain technology which is still at its infancy stage — ...

How STO Will Attract $4 Trln To The Crypto Market By 2020
Technologies   |   22.11.18  |   4003

Blockchain Conference Moscow recalled how it was used to make the ICO, discussed STO, and shared cases of right solutions in conditions of the volatile crypto market regulation Blockchain Conference Moscow took place under the more than ever high emotions in connection with the BTC nosedive and other significant events ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 11-16)
Digests   |   17.11.18  |   5511

... several specialists to give a vision on how the new technology implementation can help not only professional sportsmen, but also college teams and athletes. Great read obviously and more than 4400 views this week. Thanks for your involvement! # 1 - No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups Last week our team has landed in St.Petersburg, Russia to participate in one of the largest European events - Blockchain Life 2018. During the conference we managed to talk to some of the ...

I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
Ico   |   14.11.18  |   4560

In total, investors lost up to 66% of the funds invested in 2017. And now comes the awareness that the burned billions can be used in a differently. It seems that this word is invented to create a surprised face at the third sound: ICO. Truly, this abbreviation has provoked controversial feelings in the last couple of years for everyone who has somehow been involved. These ranged from high hopes to bitter disappointment, from delight to cynical skepticism. Moreover, according to ...

No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups
Ico   |   09.11.18  |   5421

Even though ICO-projects attracted $13.9 bln in the first three quarters of 2018, this method of fundraising is losing its momentum. What are the reasons During the first three quarters of 2018, ICO projects managed to attract $13.9 bln of investments , which ...

Holes? Don't Worry, These Are The Best Swiss Traditions! TOON #13
Regulation   |   09.11.18  |   4755

Switzerland has lost some points of attractiveness for crypto start-ups and ICOs in 2018. The regulators urge to change the situation and patch the holes as soon as possible. Switzerland suddenly found itself in the “catching-up” role. The habit of being an internationally recognized leader in the field of finance and everything ...

Swiss And Russian Banks Report About ICO Platforms Successful Implementation
Regulation   |   02.11.18  |   6078

Banks reconsider their stance on crypto. Swiss bank allows clients to participate in ICO, while Russian Sberbank reported the successful test ICO deal. Stablecoins are next. Banks slowly and carefully reconsider their stance on working with crypto assets. The recent news came from Switzerland, where Swissquote, the digital bank, allowed ...

Reputation At Risk: Why Celebrities Face Legal Actions For Scam ICOs Promo
Ico   |   26.10.18  |   4211

Cryptocurrency market suffers from negative news, feedbacks and stances. The celebrity endorsement in ICO and crypto assets proves to become an unreasonable reputational risk. ICO market and cryptocurrency market as a whole suffers from negative news, feedbacks and stances. Apart from obvious scams, the market just recently realized the low level of ...

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