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Flippening 2.0: Private funding to take over ICO sales?
Forecasts   |   20.02.19  |  

Flippening 2.0 is likely a market trend that could witness ICOs becoming less accessible to the public and more exclusive towards high-net-worth individuals and institutions In retrospect, flippenning has always been associated with an altcoin like Ethereum, dethroning Bitcoin in terms of total market cap. ...

Where Did $21 Mln Go? THOR Project Is Almost Broke
Cryptocurrencies   |   08.02.19  |  

... has been done to develop the project. The THOR token has not yet been listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange The THOR project announced that it is laying off 50% of staff due to the financial difficulties. The project raised over $21 mln via ICO just over two years ago, and since then many investors have criticized management for the irrational use of money. In January 2017, THOR's crowdfunding was a success, but since then, it seems, little has been done to develop the project, and the THOR ...

BitTorrent Token (BTT) To The Moon: Increases By 565% Since ICO
Cryptocurrencies   |   05.02.19  |  

According to Coinmarketcap, the BTT coin has grown by almost 40% over the past 24 hours and is now trading at $0.000798, which is 565% more than its ICO price The price of BitTorrent Token (BTT) has reached almost six times the value since the initial coin offering (ICO), which took place just a week ago. This is an outstanding performance by BTT considering the general market stagnation. According ...

What To Consider To Avoid Problems With ICO Launching in 2019
Guest-posts   |   04.02.19  |  

... made today for crypto projects by regulators, and what public policy should be conducted The active growth of the crypto market, as well as the growth in the number of projects that failed, raise the quite logical question about the future of the ICO and blockchain projects in 2019. Has the ICO era come to an end, or are we waiting for the second round of crowdfunding projects? This year, only those assets and applications that will be able to provide their users with real financial results will ...

ICO Transformation: The Rise And Fall Of Digital Tokens’ Market
Guest-posts   |   21.01.19  |  

Two years ago the world faced the ICO phenomenon — a fundraising method through the emission and sale of digital tokens. Read the retrospective by Dmitry Machikhin Two years ago the world realized what ICO was: a method of early project financing through the emission and sale of digital ...

Jurisdictions That Attracted Investors In 2018: Will They Retain Leadership?
Forecasts   |   14.01.19  |  

... legislation. The officials from various states seemed to wake up after a long-lasting slumber and started the industry regulation race. As a result, the world jurisdictions divided into three categories according to their views on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The first group approves crypto and ICOs, another one consists of strict opponents, and there is a third one — those who didn’t decide upon the topic and depicted complete uncertainty. And if the second ones make their statement clear enough,...

The Consequences Of SEC Decisions: No More Utility Tokens?
Legislation   |   08.01.19  |  

... reporting to the SEC. In the case of EtherDelta, the SEC pursued its founder, Zachary COBURN , and not the project itself, even though he had sold it in 2017. It looks like that, moving forward, much of the focus could be on exchanges. Even if an ICO project has a utility case that the regulator is willing to accept as a defence that they were not marketing unregulated security, the act of trading the tokens on the secondary market creates an unregistered broker-dealer situation. Projects found ...

Opinion: The Reasons Behind The Fall Of Bitcoin And The Factors For Growth
Opinion 04.01.19  |  

... understand even now — they just wanted to be on the wave of success and profits, but the HYIP suddenly ended. The market went down, and newcomers began to collapse their projects, withdraw investments massively, trying to minimize losses. As the result, ICO and tokens became associated with the scam, and Bitcoin gained a reputation as a dubious asset. From the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2018, we observed a real bull race in this market. However, now not many people will remember that all this time ...

Advices to Advisors: How to become a proper ICO Marketing Consultant
Guest-posts   |   03.12.18  |  

Sometimes the ICO organizers make mistakes in estimating the role of advisors in their projects. Here are some hints of what to do and what to avoid when choosing the path of an advisor Startups, institutional investors, Accelerator Blockchain Organizations and ICO ...

Five Elements To Make An ICO Attractive For Venture Capitals
Ico   |   29.11.18  |  

ICO fundraising has changed. Entrepreneurs realize that retail investors are not the mainstream of funds. They need to approach Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Family Offices ICO fundraising has changed dramatically during 2018, due to the major ...

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