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Theta Project: Is It a Hype or a Real Competitor In the Video Market?
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   15.07.20  |  

... $0.43 and $0.019, respectively. What is the reason, and why are their subsequent results less impressive? What is the idea? The project was launched in 2018 on a solid basis of $17 million private investment, and 20 million were collected during the ICO. The main idea of Theta is a distributed video content exchange based on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional “content delivery networks” that rely on server centers, Theta video is transmitted through node computers connected to the blockchain....

Singapore Makes More Steps to Become a Crypto Haven and Blockchain Hub
Singapore   |   07.05.20  |  

... businesses running in the country. The payment companies, therefore, are required to register their businesses with MAS in a month. After registering, in the next 6 months, they would have to apply for the company to get licensed. As per InWara , in terms of ICOs, Singapore is announced to be the second to the USA in 2018. With the transparent environment of working of cryptocurrency businesses, in no years, Singapore will be known as the accelerator of the Fintech world because of its significant role in ...

11 Lawsuits Against Crypto Companies Filed in the USA
Crime   |   06.04.20  |  

On April 3, 11 lawsuits were filed in the United States against crypto companies. They are accused of “unlicensed activities” and the sale of unregistered securities through an ICO or IEO On April 3, 11 lawsuits were filed against 7 crypto companies in the New York Federal Court. All lawsuits were filed by Roche Cyrulnik Freedman, a law firm that filed a trillion dollar lawsuit against Tether Limited and represented the estate ...

Where Did the ICO Go? The Perspectives of Blockchain Fundraising
Ico   |   27.03.20  |  

ICO completely disappeared in 2020 as a phenomenon. It’s just enough to remember how many orders and penalties the US SEC wrote out over the past year Such a phenomenon as ICO, passed into oblivion in 2020 almost completely. The events of 2019 clearly ...

SEC Suspends Fraud Project Supported by Former Senator
Crime   |   23.03.20  |  

... the scam project Meta 1 Coin. The accused include former Washington State Senator Dave Schmidt The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) froze assets and took emergency measures to stop fraud committed by Florida residents Robert DUNLAP and Nicole BOWDLER , as well as former Washington State Senator Dave SCHMIDT . The SEC claims that the defendants marketed and sold the digital asset Meta 1 Coin as an unregistered securities offering through the Meta 1 Coin Trust. Investors were misled by ...

VeChain Thor: Improving on Supply Chain Globally
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   25.02.20  |  

Looking for a novel way to invest in blockchain technology? Look no further than VeChain In 2015, VeChain VEN was introduced onto the Ethereum blockchain. After their ICO raised almost $20 million in 2017, VeChain shifted to its own blockchain and became VeChain Thor (VET). Many similarities still exist between VeChain Thor and Ethereum, despite their focuses being two very different worlds. VeChain Thor aims to bring ...

Are Security Token Offerings Good for Blockchain Crowdfunding Business?
Ico   |   12.02.20  |  

STOs are similar to ICOs where an investor exchanges money for coins and tokens representing their investment Over the past few months, there has been a huge boom over Initial Coin Offerings. Most of them have been genuinely offering ICOs while the rest of them remain ...

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Proposes To Introduce “Grace” Period For Token Sales
Legislation   |   07.02.20  |  

... decentralization level sufficient to comply with the Securities Laws. In addition, they need to pass the Howey Test. If this proposal is approved by other members of the Commission, a clear plan of action and requirements for raising funds through the ICO will be developed. Despite the grace period, startups will be required to provide all the information that is necessary for token buyers, as well as ensure compliance with federal laws. Developers are required to disclose personal information about ...

SEC Accused Opporty Marketplace in Fraudulent Actions
Crime   |   23.01.20  |  

... The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused the Opporty International marketplace of fraud, according to a litigation release . During 2017 and 2018, Opporty and its founder, Sergey GRIBNYAK , raised more than $600,000 during an ICO. As stated in the statement of the Commission, the company claimed to be registered with the SEC, and is complying with securities laws, which was a falsification. In addition, Opporty allegedly deceived investors regarding its development. During ...

The Role of Crypto is Increasing in the Darknet. Governments Not Ready Yet
Ico   |   17.12.19  |  

... crypto transaction volume in 700 cryptocurrencies. Having a notorious platform can give them a local token is pretty much close to a guarantee for absolute anonymity, thus demanding immediate action from as many local authorities as possible. A notorious ICO to change everything One of the world’s largest marketplaces in both Russia and the world, called Hydra is preparing for a large ICO in order to fund its expansion to different countries. Right now, the marketplace operates in Russia and the surrounding ...

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