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New VC ‘Proof of Capital’ Plans To Invest In Blockchain Projects
Innovations   |   18.04.19  |  

The fund's capital is estimated at $50 mln. Phil Chen, who is currently developing HTC’s Exodus blockchain smartphone is appointed as the firm’s decentralized chief officer According to a TechCrunch report , a new venture capital fund Proof of Capital estimated at $50 mln has been established, with Phil CHEN , a person HTC’s ...

Blockchain Smartphones. What’s Wrong With The Hype?
Blockchain   |   26.03.19  |  

... due to one careless movement. It is enough to say that Samsung Galaxy S10 is not a blockchain smart phone, but simply a good, expensive, beautiful and functional phone with a cryptographic application in the basic set of programs. And what about new HTC blockchain phone? Unlike Samsung with the Galaxy S10, HTC with its EXODUS 1 model, uses the blockchain buzzword to the maximum in advertising. On the homepage of the smartphone, the device is shown in its most advantageous perspective, which has a ...

Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10
Innovations   |   13.03.19  |  

... in the smartphone market. It is likely that more and more manufacturers will follow the lead of the tech giant this year, as newer and more advanced handsets are released from a variety of tech manufacturers. The Finney Phone from Sirin Labs and the HTC Exodus are among the other manufacturers and handsets to provide cryptocurrency support. Industry officials have said that the move by Samsung appears to be the start of a long line of blockchain-based handsets. One said that although the main feature ...

HTC Is Not Behind: The Integration Of Decentraland Raised The Price Of MANA By 50%
Cryptocurrencies   |   27.02.19  |  

Taiwanese smartphone giant announced that it would start accepting fiat payments for the Exodus 1 blockchain-oriented model February was rich in news related to smartphones and blockchain. The hype around Samsung and its new Galaxy S10 are still hot, but HTC is not lagging behind either. The Taiwanese smartphone giant announced that it would start accepting fiat payments for the Exodus 1 blockchain-oriented model. HTC started the presales for Exodus 1 in October last year, but with the cryptocurrency ...

HTC to introduce Exodus - its own blockchain phone
Innovations   |   16.05.18  |  

See the main and the most obvious advantage of the newly-announced smartphone product by the tech giant HTC over the creations of Sirin Labs such as FINNEY which Bitnewstoday has already described HTC will develop a new smartphone which is connected to virtual reality developers of the same company and will support blockchain technologies, TNW reports....