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Blockchain Smartphones. What’s Wrong With The Hype?
Blockchain   |   26.03.19  |  

... topic. Meanwhile, do not rush to believe the advertising. In this article, we will try to figure out whether the enthusiasm of commentators is justified and understand what exactly blockchain smartphones are. And in the end, do they exist at all? The Galaxy S10 model of the South Korean corporation traditionally opposes with Apple's phones. The best screens and cameras, the most powerful processors, the latest technologies, the perfect design — it’s a great competition! The latest version of the ...

Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10
Innovations   |   13.03.19  |  

With many fans eagerly getting their hands on the latest Samsung handset, many of the new features of the phone have finally come to light Many smartphone fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the larger-than-life Samsung Galaxy S10. With many now eagerly getting their hands on the latest handset, many of the new features of the phone have come to light. The latest flagship Galaxy phone comes with a range of features and benefits, and has become one of the first major ...

The Leak Of Blockchain Tutorial In Samsung Galaxy S10
Innovations   |   21.02.19  |  

While Samsung fans celebrate the release of new Galaxy S10 smartphones, crypto enthusiasts are confused — the company doesn’t comment blockchain or crypto implementations The attention of crypto enthusiasts and gadget geeks is riveted to the newest release by Samsung. The company is updating ...