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Legislative Сhanges in September 2019: Switzerland is Loyal, Others are Not
Regulation   |   10.10.19  |  

... contradict the state monopoly on the issue of currency and, if legalized, undermine state sovereignty. At the same time, Germany is not against the blockchain as a whole, in the future it is planned to issue electronic bonds based on this technology. France French Finance Minister Bruno Le MAIRE proposed creating a state cryptocurrency within the European Union. In his opinion, this will accelerate internal and external transactions and at the same time reduce their cost. Despite this, it is planned ...

Bank Of France Is Interested In Stablecoins, Governor Claims
Innovations   |   15.05.19  |  

He stated that the bank is “observing with great interest” the development of the technology, which allows network members to exchange stablecoins for securities, goods and services The Bank of France is showing interest in the stablecoins, as it was stressed by the governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau in a Bloomberg report. He said that the bank was “observing with great interest” the development of technology that allows network participants ...

French Government To Establish €4.5 Bln Blockchain Innovation Fund
Legislation   |   16.04.19  |  

Finance minister of France Bruno Le Maire spoke about these initiatives in an interview with TrustNodes before his speech at the Paris Blockchain Conference The French government is seriously aiming at making a serious commitment to the development of blockchain technology....

Macron Calls On Europe To Implement Blockchain In The Agricultural Sector
Innovations   |   25.02.19  |  

The President of France announced this at the 56th International Agricultural Fair in Paris. According to him, the blockchain will help Europe in competition with China, Russia, and the USA French President Emmanuel MACRON wants to introduce the blockchain technology ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (December, 10-14)
News   |   15.12.18  |  

... almost 4200 views and is on well-deserved third place this week. #2 - Paris Is On Fire: The Digital Economy As A Symbol Of Freedom From Old Conventions Oleg Koldaev came up with an observation , inspired by recent protests of the “yellow vests” in France. And although the protests have some underlying causes, the author is tends to search for deeper causes. The beginning of Paris riots has also coincided with a temporary increase of the Bitcoin cost. But isn't this connection only a figment of ...

How French Authorities Prevented More In-Depth Bitcoin Crash
Legislation   |   27.11.18  |  

France is doing everything possible to be in the crypto news: recent months, the Parliament has been actively amending the legislation, and now the regulators have suddenly dramatically reminded private investors of the high risks that are carried with ...

Trending Trinity Weekly, 1-5 of October
News   |   06.10.18  |  

... toon. The rubric is a result of our collaboration with the amazing cartoonist Maxim Smagin. Apart from the brilliant cartoon picture with Manuelle Macron in a spacesuit, the material is also a compilation of the most recent crypto legislation news from France, where the regulation process seems to be up and running. Needless to say, we’re happy that this post managed to make it to the second place this week. Bravo, Maxim! #1 — Virtual Assets Bursted Into International Politics Through United Nations ...

One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2
France   |   02.10.18  |  

This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to France and why the revision of Loi Pacte is considered a one way ticket. France finds itself on the crossroads. It is presented as a FinTech-friendly and innovative nation by its president Emmanuel MACRON , meanwhile taking quite cautious steps towards ...

France: How Loi Pacte Can Be Revised
France   |   28.09.18  |  

AMF makes positive steps towards regulating ICO, blockchain and cryptos. But is that truly enough to make France attractive for new startups and investors? You can’t change your reputation with a snap of a finger, it’s very true. Despite France’s long-going changes to the views on blockchain and cryptos, one can still consider the release of ICO regulatory ...

France Shifts Views on DLT, Becoming №1 Startup Home in Europe
France   |   24.09.18  |  

One of the leading economies doesn’t plan to give up positions. France adopts laws regarding blockchain, crowdfunding, and is investing great sums in AI research and development. France, or the French Republic, is a transcontinental state with a great history, having been located in the center of political, economic ...

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