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Bruno Le Maire Demands Guarantees From Facebook Libra
Legislation   |   19.06.19  |  

... specifically “the guarantee that this instrument of transaction can not be diverted to finance terrorism or any other illegal activity." Le Maire also asked the governors of the G7 central banks to report what guarantees are to be obtained from Facebook: “We have to make sure that there is no risk for the consumer, it is our role as a state to protect consumers. [...] It will allow Facebook to accumulate millions and millions of data again, which strengthens me in my belief that it is necessary ...

WSJ: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Uber Will Support Facebook’s Crypto Project
Innovations   |   14.06.19  |  

The Wall Street Journal reports that the project has attracted several rather high-profile brands to support future cryptocurrency codenamed Project Libra New details about Facebook cryptocurrency have emerged. The Wall Street Journal reports that the project has attracted several high-profile brands to support future cryptocurrency, codenamed Project Libra. These companies include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Uber, and ...

Media: Facebook To Announce Own Cryptocurrency This Month
Innovations   |   06.06.19  |  

The launch of cryptocurrency can help the company to diversify revenue, which today largely depends on the sale of advertising Facebook is ready to announce the launch of its own cryptocurrency this month. Employees working on the project will be able to receive salaries in the form of a new currency, as is reported by The Information . About a year ago, the company appointed ...

Facebook ‘Acquihires’ Chainspace Blockchain Startup
Innovations   |   05.02.19  |  

According to the source of Cheddar, a small blockchain startup appeared to be of interest for Facebook, primarily due to the skills and experience of its employees According to Cheddar , Facebook has reportedly made a deal with a blockchain startup Chainspace on February 4. The source said that Facebook was interested in a small startup primarily ...

BREAKING: Facebook and WhatsApp join the stablecoin mania
Innovations   |   21.12.18  |  

According to the report, the most popular social network is developing a new cryptocurrency optimized for mobile payments. According to a recent Bloomberg report , Facebook decided to join the stablecoin mania. The report says the most popular social network is developing a new cryptocurrency optimized for WhatsApp, the mobile application. The new crypto by Facebook is planned to be a US dollar-backed stablecoin,...

How to Make the Blockchain Real Deal
Forecasts   |   14.09.18  |  

... We got a couple of articles from our buddies at BitNewsToday. The first one we got is 'DLT, how to make money on Freedom of Speech'. Charlie: This is so important because of the fact, for instance, social media that dominates everything is of course Facebook, but Facebook has been censoring a lot of content lately. I mean we've all known about the big news, the Alex Jones controversies and everything else. But what people are saying, "We have to have a decentralized method of being able to ...

DLT: How To Make Money on Freedom of Speech
Blockchain   |   27.08.18  |  

Blockchain networks are far from being really popular. But Zuckerberg can start kicking himself even now Mark Zuckerberg is considering the possibility of cryptocurrencies integration into Facebook. But while he is thinking, others are already doing. In the world, there are currently several projects of social networks based on the blockchain technology. In particular, the latest news from the industry is the following: American radio presenter,...

Image Of The Weekend, 11-12 Of August: Insider, CNBC, Forbes And Others
News   |   13.08.18  |  

... valuable stories from only the trusted sources. Each and every event from this list will change the world of the digital economy either way. The most important stories of this week in the most indicative quotes below! 1. CONFLICT OF INTEREST ( Insider ) Facebook's blockchain boss is leaving cryptocurrency startup In a sign that Facebook's secretive blockchain effort is progressing, David Marcus, the head of that project, announced he's leaving the board of $8 billion cryptocurrency startup Coinbase. ...

Facebook gives green light to cryptocurrency ads again, but ICOs still prohibited
Regulation   |   27.06.18  |  

Back to senses: Facebook lifts its recently-imposed cryptocurrency ad ban while still upholding the prohibition of initial coin offerings or ICOs. Learn if anyone was ready for this turn of events in this material Facebook has decided to lift the prohibition on cryptocurrency-themed ...

Reports: Facebook to issue its own cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies   |   14.05.18  |  

... cryptocurrency, sources of the media tell. See who’s in charge of the process and other details on the new corporate altcoin in the new material “They’re very serious” - told the journalist from Cheddar on Friday last week about the plans of Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency. This reporter has cited the unspecified source familiar with the plans of the vast social network. The source, in turn, tells that this hypothetical token could potentially be used by all Facebook audience. Furthermore,...

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