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Come Again And Play the Bitcoin Game! TOON #20
Investments   |   07.12.18  |  

Crypto exchanges are crucial part of today’s market. But this does not excuse them from sins. Today’s toon is all about that fundamental part of today’s ecosystem and their wicked and amusing shenanigans on the market Crypto exchanges are one of the ...

Institutional Investors Strategy: Drop The Market, Buy Coins At Lows And Go To Bakkt To Trade
Exchanges   |   23.11.18  |  

What connects the sale of treasury bonds on the US stock market with Bitcoin decline and the upcoming launch of the Bakkt A month ago crypto market participants were talking about the unusual low volatility of the main cryptocurrency, complaining about the lack of dynamics. As the saying goes, you asked for it. Out of the blue, in just a week Bitcoin collapsed in a week by 30% to the level of the end of August 2017. The crash was triggered by the last week's Bitcoin Cash hardfork when the opposing...

Texas Regulator Is The Crypto Sheriff Now or Why The Cloud Mining Company Got Banned
Usa   |   08.11.18  |  

The Texas State Securities Board has cleared away the mining clouds above the state and protected the interests of private investors The digital Wild West is coming to an end. The irony is that legality is triumphing in the very Wild West, where, a hundred and fifty years ago, reckless adventurists from around the world were looking for happiness and prosperity, resolving numerous disputes with the help of a weighty argument of caliber 0.45. So, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) issued an...

$15.2 Bln Philanthropy Or Real Binance Business Interests in Uganda
Investments   |   17.10.18  |  

... cryptocurrency adoption into the world trade as a means of payment can be much easier. "The penetration of cryptocurrencies in Africa is still generally lower than other regions, and this represents an opportunity for crypto businesses, especially exchanges like Binance. Uganda was one of the first countries on the continent with positive body-language towards the industry”, - tells us the partner in a venture blockchain company Olaoluwa SAMUEL-BIYI . The main African blockchain event (Africa ...

$300 Million From Christie's And Art Tokens As A New Type of Trading
Blockchain   |   17.10.18  |  

Christie's announced its first blockchain auction for $300 million, but so far categorically rejected the cryptocurrency. Big changes in big business The value of luxury art market accounts to $60 billion, and in the world of luxury goods everybody got used to trust the proven auction houses with centuries-old traditions. But despite of all the conservatism, even such market giants as Sotheby's and Christie's, strive for transformation in the digital age of the new technologies. Christie's...

The Irony Of The Crypto Industry: Banks Turned Out To Be More Decentralized Than Crypto Exchanges
Trading   |   16.10.18  |  

In this year alone hackers stole $927 mln from crypto exchanges. Why fraudsters tend to choose exchanges as their target and what are the tools and methods of dealing with them. The level of Bitcoin’s volatility has reached its multi-month bottom , which indicates a certain stability of the currency....

Information Security System As a Political Ping-Pong
Forecasts   |   12.10.18  |  

1 apartment robbery and more than 3 thousand cyber attacks happen every 1.5 min in the EU. The main trend is mail phishing. Crypto exchanges: get your incident response plan ready! We continue a series of materials about CyberCrimeCon 2018 conference on cybersecurity. This event gathered more than 2000 visitors. It was organized by Group-IB - the official partner of Interpol and ...

How Low Will The Bitcoin Go If The Quantum Computer Hacks The SHA3-256 Algorithm
Blockchain   |   12.10.18  |  

The conference CYBER CRIME CON/2018 was held in Moscow. The first day was under the sign of crypto exchanges At the beginning of the year, cybercrime legalized about $5.5 billion through digital coins with the help of fundraising. However, this is not all the problems existing in the digital industry market. There are several public cases denoting ...

Thief Is Not The One Who Steals But The One That Is Caught. TOON #5
Regulation   |   12.10.18  |  

Bitnewstoday toon dedicated to the theme of hacking and cybersecurity crypto exchange. Security issues still are the main barrier for the crypto exchanges. It has become a real pandemia in 2018: analytics report about cyber-attacks on a regular basis, and the numbers are solid. The total amount of losses is close to $1 billion. According to the report of Group-IB company, the losses for the 2017-2018 ...

Nation-state cyberwarfare and why a lot of hackers is good
Data-security   |   12.10.18  |  

Over the past year, hackers have attacked the five largest digital exchanges. On CyberCrimeCon 2018 experts said why this is happening and how to handle it. "You should always know your enemy. That is, to bring the investigation to the point where you understand who specifically made the attack, what the attacker's ...

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