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CryptoKitties Developer Launches A New Game On Its Own Blockchain
Innovations   |   28.05.20  |  

... commission growth. The game allows fans to buy various digital values related to the NBA, then store them or sell them as collectibles. Videos, photos from games will be tokenized (NFT tokens). Users can purchase tokens using a credit card, bitcoin or ethereum. Image courtesy of Bit Novosti

Argentine Football Association Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency for Virtual League
Innovations   |   20.05.20  |  

The Argentine Football Association has officially announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain for the virtual league A few days ago, the Argentine Football Association officially announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency for its virtual league. AFA virtual coin is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. ...

Ethereum and the Gartner Hype Cycle
Forecasts   |   20.05.20  |  

The Hype Cycle is not a new phenomenon — and Anthony Bertolino describes how Ethereum passes through it and where is it currently “The Hype Cycle is not a new phenomenon, but can be seen throughout history as each new innovation captures the human imagination.” — Gartner Inc. The Innovation Trigger — A World Computer ...

Reddit Tests New Feature on Ethereum Blockchain
Innovations   |   14.05.20  |  

Yesterday Reddit published a presentation of a new project on the Ethereum blockchain In the middle of April, there were rumors that Reddit was experimenting with the new Ethereum blockchain loyalty system. At that time, the company was not ready to comment on the working process on the project. However, yesterday ...

Chainlink Introduced A New Feature for Ethereum
Innovations   |   12.05.20  |  

Chainlink launches verifiable random function on the Ethereum blockchain, which is tested by PoolTogether Chainlink announced the launch of the verifiable random function (VRF), which generates trusted random numbers in decentralized applications. Now the function is available on the Ethereum blockchain ...

Ethereum Card for Blockchain Gamers
Guest-posts   |   21.04.20  |  

... investment was made in seed funding where Horizon raised $3.75 million in total. The collision of both gaming and blockchain holds a grand promise for the growth of both industries. Games work as a catalyst to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchains. Ethereum Card is the key to onboarding millions of new users who are looking to acquire their first cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll see how blockchain games will hit and adopt the immediate future with Ethereum. It's a fact that gamers are early ...

Decentraland Launches Ethereum-Based Virtual Gaming World
Cryptocurrencies   |   21.02.20  |  

Decentraland first opened its virtual world on the blockchain to the public after raising $ 24 million through an ICO in 2017 The Decentraland project is launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The company first opened its virtual world on the blockchain to the public after raising $ 24 million through an ICO in 2017. Here the land ownership can be paid with cryptocurrency. Guests have the opportunity to explore the virtual ...

Blockchain Games Show Average Retention Rate 75%
Innovations   |   04.02.20  |  

Ethereum-based games have achieved the highest retention rates. The average retention rate of blockchain games is 75% DappRadar published a report about gaming applications in 2019. In this report , the four main blockchains were observed: Ethereum,...

8 Essential Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2020
Guest-posts   |   29.01.20  |  

... Union. There are two platforms used by Ripple that are Poloniex and Kraken. 2. Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin is one of the most famous and fascinating cryptocurrencies with many features, including a faster information transfer rate. It is much cheaper than Ethereum and Bitcoin but having the position of one of the long-term altcoins. Investors become confused between Litecoin and Bitcoin as both are like silver and gold respectively. They both have their own place in the market. Litecoin has focused on ...

Nike Patents a System for Tokenized Shoes
Innovations   |   11.12.19  |  

Patent of December 10 describes a digital asset for shoes and how to use it — the implementation is a non-fungible token, Ethereum’s ERC721 or ERC1155 Sports giant Nike has patented shoes with NFT on the Ethereum blockchain; the product is called CryptoKicks. The patent which is dated December 10 , describes a digital asset for shoes and how to use it. The implementation ...

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