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The Number of Wallets Having ETH Has Grown
Cryptocurrencies   |   08.12.20  |  

More and more people hold at least one ETH in their wallets In 2020, most coins saw significant gains. Many analysts believe that the bullish rally has already begun, and that Ethereum's bullish rally was mainly driven by Bitcoin. According to Glassnode, more and more people today hold at least one ETH in their wallets. According to data released on December 5, 1,175,681 addresses have at least one ETH. Ethereum is also the ...

Breaking Down Tokamak Network, an Ethereum-based On-Demand Layer 2 Platform
Blockchain   |   13.11.20  |  

The Tokamak Network is providing an easy to build application on Ethereum through its on-demand Layer 2 platform The Tokamak Network is providing an easy to build application on Ethereum through its on-demand Layer 2 platform. The platform aims to become an aggregator that developers can use to create and operate ...

Oh My God! The Story of OMG Network
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   06.10.20  |  

... banking system. «Unbanking the banked» was the slogan of the project then. What's in a name? But the development of OmiseGO did not stop there. On the contrary, over time, the cryptocurrency became the main product of the company, developing towards Ethereum scaling. By the way, Vitalik Buterin himself took part in this process, acting as a consultant for OmiseGO. The closed beta test of the mainnet began in 2019, and on June 1 this year, the open testing started. In the same period, the transformation ...

First Project Migrates From Ethereum Blockchain To Cardano With SingularityNET
Innovations   |   01.10.20  |  

... works with IOHK to move much of SingularityNET's decentralized AI network to Cardano blockchain The SingularityNET Foundation and IOHK have announced that they are planning to move a significant part of the SingularityNET protocol and platform from Ethereum to Cardano. The transition process will include providing mechanisms to replace some of the current AGI ERC-20 tokens with AGI tokens based on Cardano, as well as creating analogs of Solidity smart contracts that underpin aspects of the SingularityNET ...

Hedera Surpassed Ethereum In The Number Of Transactions
Cryptocurrencies   |   17.09.20  |  

Innovative applications utilizing Hedera’s primary network services lead to significant transaction volume Over the past month, the Hedera Hashgraph network processed an average of 1.5 mln transactions per day, almost double the Ethereum network. Over the past year, providers have added Hedera's cryptocurrency HBAR to their ecosystems providing greater access for developers and others who want to utilize it. During its first year of working as a publicly available distributed ...

Zug Accepts Cryptocurrencies For Tax Payments
Legislation   |   04.09.20  |  

Thanks to Bitcoin Suisse AG, the Swiss Canton of Zug accepts payment of taxes in Bitcoin and Ethereum Citizens of the crypto-friendly Canton of Zug in Switzerland can now pay taxes using Bitcoin and Ethereum. Zug offers low corporate taxes for all companies and has been accepting payments in Bitcoin for certain government services since 2016,...

Work On The "Bridge" Between Ethereum And Polkadot Has Begun
Innovations   |   28.08.20  |  

A team of developers and researchers are working on a general-purpose bridge between Polkadot and Ethereum The popularity of Polkadot is growing, which is noticeably reflected in the price. In a matter of days, the project managed to take the 6th place in the top ten cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of over $1.05 bln, according ...

MetaMask Updates Users' License
Cryptocurrencies   |   24.08.20  |  

... publish and iterate the wallet provider API in the public domain, providing a widely cross-compatible ecosystem of applications, and the code will continue to be published in the public repository. As a reminder, MetaMask launched the eighth update to its Ethereum wallet in July last year, which includes a number of new features, such as improved privacy control and a new account login system. Image courtesy of Blockonomi

Qtum Allocates $1 Mln To Develop DeFi Apps
Cryptocurrencies   |   19.08.20  |  

... Patrick DAI announced that the project provided developers with $ 1 mln to develop DeFi decentralized applications on their blockchain. Problems and solutions in the DeFi environment were also highlighted. First of all, this is the excessive cost of Ethereum gas, which makes transactions impractical for users. It is noteworthy that the Qtum blockchain is compatible with the famous Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and with most of the existing tools, such as Truffle and MetaMask. Another advantage in ...

Augur Launches New Network
Cryptocurrencies   |   29.07.20  |  

... equivalent. Consequently, traders will be able to place dollar bets on the new platform that is faster and cheaper to use. According to an announcement on the project's website, contracts for the new version of the protocol have been launched on the main Ethereum network. According to the COO of the Augur platform, after the redesign of the user interface, no special software is required to interact with the platform. In addition, fraudsters will no longer be able to take advantage of invalid bets, as ...

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