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Buterin’s Proposal Regarding BCH Caused a Wave of Criticism
Cryptocurrencies   |   17.07.19  |  

Vitalik suggested using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as a temporary solution, but this provoked a negative reaction from Ethereum supporters Ethereum has faced difficulty scaling: the network processes only 15 transactions per second [TPS]. Against this background, Vitalik BUTERIN proposed the use of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as a temporary solution for scaling,...

Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 To Be Launched On January 3, 2020
Cryptocurrencies   |   17.06.19  |  

Justin Drake, a famous researcher of Ethereum 2.0, explained that the date was chosen because Bitcoin genesis block was launched on the same day The new Ethereum (ETH) 2.0, which will support the PoS algorithm, will be launched on January 3, 2020, according to Trustnodes . Ethereum 2.0 ...

New Airdrop Captured Nearly 60% of Ethereum's Network
Cryptocurrencies   |   10.06.19  |  

At the same time, gas consumption has reached its record levels It seems that recent airdrop of the mysterious ERC-20 token in the Ethereum network occupied up to 60% of its transactions and took up the majority of gas, the network capacity unit that’s used to calculate the cost of transactions. The current airdrop seems to be happening just to attract some attention. According ...

DApp-platforms: When Mass Market Adoption?
Blockchain   |   07.03.19  |  

Decentralized applications are discussed here and there. It all started with Ethereum, but today there are competitors present on the market. Still, dApps wait for a better future Decentralized applications (dApps) are getting more popular day by day. It all started with Ethereum, which was launched in July 2015, and became the ...

TRON and Ethereum Updated On The Last Winter Day. What Are The Changes?
Cryptocurrencies   |   01.03.19  |  

Hard forks seem to have no effect on the markets. However, the implemented changes should affect the market situation in the long term February 28 was notable for updates. On the last day of the calendar winter, two irreconcilable rivals, which are Ethereum and TRON, rolled out Constantinople (St.Petersburg) and Odyssey 3.5 updates, respectively. However, this has not affected the market situation so far. Justin SUN announced the TRON update on his Twitter account and noted that the multi-signature ...

Тron (TRX) Gains Leadership In The Number Of DApp Users
Cryptocurrencies   |   19.02.19  |  

The information came from DappReview, one of the leading rating websites which analyzes decentralized applications The Tron platform, the longtime competitor of Ethereum in the decentralized applications’ development and use, has become the leader in terms of the total number of users as well as active users of dApps. This was announced by Tron’s CEO, Justin SUN in his Twitter post. #TRON is No.1 now in ...

Ethereum Experiences The Lowest Levels Of New Coin Minting
Cryptocurrencies   |   13.02.19  |  

According to statistics, only 13 370 ETH was created on February 10. This is a significant decrease compared to December 2018, when more than 20 000 ETH was mined per day According to Etherscan, Ethereum's daily mining award has dropped to the lowest recorded level since the start of data tracking. Even though ETH has managed to overtake XRP once again in terms of capitalization and thus regain the second place in the rating, the project is currently ...

ICO Transformation: The Rise And Fall Of Digital Tokens’ Market
Guest-posts   |   21.01.19  |  

... clear: the pioneer was the Mastercoin project, which collected $500,000 in BTC in 2012 (It could have been $18 mln by now). However, this project is no more, and since that, no one was interested in such crowdfunding method up to 2015. In 2014-2015 Ethereum went “to the moon” and consequently, ICO gained popularity and saw development. SEC, as well as other regulators, didn’t realize what was going on. The volumes were still tiny in comparison to the venture markets: $1-2 bln against $150 ...

“The Fall” Of Constantinople. Ethereum Hard Fork Is Delayed Due To Vulnerability
Cryptocurrencies   |   16.01.19  |  

... The critical loophole was found by ChainSecurity, the smart contract auditor company, as reported in their blog on January 15. According to the report, the upgrade introduces a cheaper gas price (transaction fees) for a number of operations in the Ethereum network. Such measures can lead to an unexpected side effect — a reentrancy attack can take place via specific commands in ETH smart contracts. The vulnerability allows an attacker to steal cryptocurrency by requesting funds from a smart contract ...

No Xmas Miracle: Bitcoin Goes Less Than $ 4,000 Again
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.12.18  |  

... Christmas Day is disappointing everyone with the sharp price decline. TOP 100 is in a red zone again, with just 4 cryptocurrencies going up. Bitcoin fell below the level of $4,000 again, at 11:00 A.M. (UTC time), its price is $3,804. The prices of XRP and Ethereum are $0,379 and $128,17 respectively. The biggest dip of the top-trading cryptocurrencies is presented by Bitcoin Cash — just recently it seemed to start to the moon, trading above the levels of $230. Today it falls back for more than 20%, its ...

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