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I'm African, Show Us Your Smart Contract! TOON #7
Africa   |   19.10.18  |  

... interests, however. The infusions of foreign capital into African countries need to be paid back eventually. It’s time to work hard, the clock is ticking. TOON by Maxim Smagin Africa: You Electrify Her, You Blockchain Her, You Buy Her Investments in the energy sector of Africa are now in a trend - this applies to traditional projects and Fintech environment. This is a developing market, a tasty morsel for investors. So far, compared to the USA, Europe, Asia, the threshold for entry into the African market ...

Africa: You Electrify Her, You Blockchain Her, You Buy Her
Blockchain   |   16.10.18  |  

What can the blockchain energy industry in Africa? We understand what  represents the great African dream today and why all world powers want to touch it. Today and in the future, leadership in the energy sector means geopolitical and technological leadership either....

How To Earn $400 Million on DLT in Energy Industry
Forecasts   |   28.09.18  |  

The energy industry plus blockchain is a big and exciting theme. However, it’s also among the hardest ones, since a lot of projects are focused on developing markets. Energy is one of the central issues of the modern world. Industry development, a standard ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (September, 17-21)
News   |   22.09.18  |  

Our regular Top-3 chart of the articles that caught your attention this week. As usual, Bitnewstoday won’t let you miss a thing! Our crypto dwarfs have been watching you all week long to figure out what topics spark your interest the most. And here’s the result of their painstaking work — our traditional Trending Trinity article chart. Okay, it’s time to start! #3 — Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots Every village had a blacksmith back...

Mining: Economic Rebirth of The Abandoned Single-Industry Towns
Blockchain   |   05.09.18  |  

... enthusiasts became the sole reason why life started to return to the town. But life wouldn’t be life if it were all that easy. After a while, BC Hydro became unhappy with the tariffs that the dam was offering. In fact, it still has significant surplus energy at Ocean Falls, but it is holding back due to a legal dispute with local public utility over the price it charges to deliver power to its residential customers. Dam owners and locals are worried that result of the said dispute, which is currently ...

Blockchain In Green Energy Is Outside of Business Interests
Blockchain   |   30.08.18  |  

... rise and swallow islands with villages upon them, and seasonal forest fires became a regular thing due to the constant heatwaves people came to the conclusion that they need to do something about it. This was the rise of the new aspect of the industry, energy of the new type. However, it’s a starter of a new whole section of problems. Sure thing that outside of the city limits it was entirely possible and could’ve been achieved without any significant complications, but in the city all this energy ...

New York Is Opened Up For Miners Now
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.08.18  |  

New York is gradually becoming a Mecca for miners thanks to cheap electricity and friendly authorities. This time crypto miners were attracted by local Hydroelectric Dam. Hydroelectric dam Valatie Falls located in the East of New-York state will turn into a mining farm. The reorganization will be carried out by a subsidiary of DPW Holdings, and the farm itself will start operating in the fourth quarter of this year. 1-megawatt dam built in 1983 was purchased by Valatie Falls Hydro LLC in March...

Crypto The WonderDog! How DLT Will Defeat ENRON
Forecasts   |   27.08.18  |  

... and that went on for months. Dean: And that was because of Enron? Charlie: That was because Enron was messing with the markets and the distribution of power, because here in the United States you don’t usually get what are called power brokers or energy brokers like Enron. hat they do is they buy energy, they, kind of, they don’t produce it, all they do is sort of distribute it. They’re middlemen. Dean: Really? Charlie: That’s all they were. They were a middleman, they didn’t own dams,...

Blockchain Is Too Young For “Big Energy"
Cryptocurrencies   |   07.08.18  |  

Amount of money invested in blockchain is constantly growing. Is blockchain ready for it? “Big Energy” is one of the aspects of modern industrial world that never seemed to be all that promising for the blockchain. TDL has entered the scene on a wave of the crypto frenzy, but it was out of it just as fast - just because maintenance costs for ...

Québec government to limit energy supply for miners instead of total ban
Usa   |   26.06.18  |  

... province. How is jobs creation connected to this? Read below The governing authorities of Québec have proposed new limitations for miners of the Canadian province. Cryptocurrency-producing hardware owners will only have 500 megawatts of the total energy the region gets, the price for consumption will be increased by 1 cent per kilowatt hour or even more. The total time of mining will have become limited to 300 hours per year. Additionally, the authorities are to measure the number of jobs created ...

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