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America Is Not A Leader Anymore. Kenya Is Ahead
16.10.2018 16:07:00  |   NewsTechnology

Africa continues to astonish people. Here are Dean Kirkland and Nakia J. White to move the perception gap about the continent, this time in terms of blockchain education and real estate. keeps on discovering Africa, and especially women in blockchain over there. We have already covered the story of Yaliwe SOKO, who has recently become the Chairwoman in Blockchain Association of Africa. This ...

Blockchain Education: Where To Study and To Get a Job Right Now
12.09.2018 18:10:00  |   NewsTechnology

... selected by series of applications and interviews so the guaranteed job is awaiting of them by the end of the course. The best universities of the world form the knowledge basis for blockchain specialists, but where are the guarantees that academic education will not become obsolete under conditions of the rapidly developing blockchain technology? What to choose: private blockchain courses on flexible educational platform or solid higher education? How to determine the competence of the training ...

Crypto The WonderDog! Brewing African Fintech Storm
27.08.2018 12:20:00  |   NewsBitcoin

Crypto The WonderDog Show! is listed constantly as one of the TOP 10 TECHNOLOGY podcasts on iTunes. It is edicated to the education, news and information on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, and ICOs with the people and companies involved. This is the final part of the show’s transcript, where Dean Kirkland is talking about fintech, Africa and value of staying ...

Vitalik Buterin and Stanford University to open joint blockchain research facility
22.06.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

... Foundation, @cosmos , @dfinity , & @protocollabs , and VC @polychaincap . Congrats @danboneh on getting more research going! #Plasma — OmiseGO (@omise_go) 21 июня 2018 г. Stanford members said that their university must be way ahead of other educational institutions, as blockchains are soon going to be used for the global-level business. #ARTICLE_2420# Other universities are planning to introduce lectures on blockchain technologies, as witnessed by the older news. Less known private business ...

Stanford, Pennsylvania and Georgetown universities to teach crypto and blockchain basics
10.04.2018  |   NewsTechnology

... to teach students the basic principles of prospective fintech has been voiced by several professors. Apart from this, a big number of corresponding requests and demands has been noted The information coming from several sources of the press in the educational institutions in the United States suggest that lecture courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain is a popular idea among students and attendees. For example, in Stanford, the graduates of which include Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry ...

Want to raise millions for ICO - get ready for high expenses
01.03.2018  |   MarketIco

As a part of a study “ICO projects promotion”, Bitnewstoday tries to answer the questions “What does determine the success of ICO?” and “How projects should build their PR-strategy to catch investors’ attention?” Investors attraction within tokens distribution costs projects about 2-3% of all raised funds. These data were received during the study “ICO projects promotion” held by Bitnewstoday in January-February 2018. Where to find investors During the interview organized by Bitnewstoday, 55% representatives...