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SEC Chairman Answered Questions Concerning the Regulation of the Crypto Industry
Legislation   |   07.06.19  |  

... the creation of a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Such a framework would help legitimize Bitcoin and the altcoins that are populating global blockchain-based digital economy. To date, the Commission has rejected a number of Bitcoin ETF proposals by VanEck, Gemini and Bitwise, with critics accusing the SEC of being too cumbersome thus causing talent to flee the US in search of crypto-friendly environment. Clayton provided several answers about ETF as well: “We’re engaging on ...

Switzerland Approves ETP: Why Nobody Cares
Trading   |   22.11.18  |  

The first crypto ETP received an approval but Bitcoin did not even notice it. What is the difference between ETP and ETF and why there is no reaction on the market? While the whole crypto community is waiting for the decision of the American SEC on Bitcoin-ETF, Switzerland is approving the listing of the world's first crypto exchange traded product. The country's ...