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New Airdrop Captured Nearly 60% of Ethereum's Network
Cryptocurrencies   |   10.06.19  |  

At the same time, gas consumption has reached its record levels It seems that recent airdrop of the mysterious ERC-20 token in the Ethereum network occupied up to 60% of its transactions and took up the majority of gas, the network capacity unit that’s used to calculate the cost of transactions. The current airdrop seems to be happening just to attract some ...

Kin Returns To TOP-100: Token Price Increased By 120% In 7 Days
Cryptocurrencies   |   19.03.19  |  

Crypto market analysts say the reason for the high demand for Kin is the token migration from the ERC-20 standard to its own blockchain, which began on March 12 Kin cryptocurrency is in the spotlight again: bullish rally lasts for the last seven days as prices see a 36% increase in the last 24 hours and more than 120% over the previous seven days....

Polymath (POLY) Develops A Standard For Security Tokens Emission And Trading
Innovations   |   28.02.19  |  

... securities: “With a standard in place, security token issuers, investors, exchanges, wallets, custody providers, and regulators can become comfortable with this technology, interoperability becomes easier, and adoption can be widespread. Similar to how the ERC-20 standard enabled the boom in utility tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, there needs to be a standard for security tokens.” The standard developed by Polymath is called ST-20. This is an ERC-20 extension that provides the ability of restricting ...

Zilliqa Is Preparing To Launch The Mainnet, Makes Updates
Cryptocurrencies   |   24.01.19  |  

... received from the miners, the Zilliqa team also changed the reward mechanism to make payouts more even and thus encourage new nodes to join the network. After the launch of the mainnet, the first six months of 2019 will become the window of swapping ERC-20 Zilliqa tokens for mainnet tokens. During January, Zilliqa cryptocurrency was a subject to high volatility due to the above-mentioned changes. Image courtesy of