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Virtual money roll on a fiat rails
Innovations   |   18.07.18  |  

Payment systems making their way in cryptoverse International payment and technology company Mastercard recently acquired a patent for a new, perspective technology and opens new and exciting possibilities in the world for crypto for them. In the papers, released by USPTO sometime later it is explained that because of the rising interest towards cryptocurrency because of the higher levels of anonymity and security that blockchain based currency can provide. However, because of the wide disparity...

Coinbase acquires licence to trade e-money in UK, but e-money is not crypto
Great-britain   |   14.03.18  |  

... not far from the truth. And while electronic money are not cryptocurrency, the importance of this event should not be underestimated anyway. The simple fact that the United Kingdom regulator called Financial Conduct Authority gave a permission to a digital currency-related organization is noteworthy. As witnessed by the latest news on Google, powerful organizations sometimes view the whole crypto sphere as toxic. Image courtesy Photothek / Getty