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What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   29.12.18  |  

Investments in Bitcoin in 2018 didn’t make profit. The situation on the digital assets market is not so positive, but lots of investors see the bright sides and new opportunities Bitcoin turned out to become of the most unprofitable investments for 2018 comparing to other financial instruments. However, a vast number of various cryptocurrencies lost up to 95% of their maximum value throughout the year. The situation on the digital assets market looks quite deplorable. Nevertheless, lots of investors...

Samsung Filed Trademarks In UK and EU For Cryptocurrency Wallet
Innovations   |   29.12.18  |  

It is rumored that the company plans to introduce crypto wallets implemented in Galaxy S10 smartphones. However, Samsung representatives denied it South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has filed a trademark in the United Kingdom on technologies related to the blockchain and smartphones. There is an option that the company is considering the integration of a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet into the new models of smartphones. Earlier in December, the industrial giant has already filed...

Visa Inc About To Acquire Earthport Plc, One of Ripple’s Partners
Innovations   |   28.12.18  |  

The deal that Visa International Service Association and Earthport are about to conclude, is estimated at £198 mln. The Earthport shares’ price surge by 346% One of the units of the American financial giant Visa Inc is on its way to acquiring Earthport Plc, a British international payment services provider for banks and businesses, Reuters reports . In 2014, Earthport started cooperation with Ripple, incorporating a cross-border payment protocol into their payment network. The deal that Visa International...

Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet. About 200 BTC Lost
Crime   |   28.12.18  |  

The application was attacked by hackers. The developers have confirmed this information, but the threat has not been dealt with at the moment. Christmas appeared to be not so merry at all for a number of the Electrum Wallet users — it became known that the application was compromised by the phishing attack. This allowed the hackers to create fake URL address, thus stealing nearly about 200 bitcoins from the users’ accounts during the last week (since 21 December) before the hack was discovered...

What will happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices in 2019?
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   27.12.18  |  

Most of the investors are interested for the prices to bounce in 2019. The majority of the experts are positive and believe the prices will go up 2018 is coming to an end, and it has been truly a hard year for all crypto enthusiasts. The prices for the cryptocurrencies plunged and then slowly declined throughout the twelve months. In mid-December, the hope loomed that the market has hit its bottom, and a so long-awaited uptrend would soon follow. However, there was no time for celebration: after...

Mizuho Financial Group To Release Its Own Stablecoin For Cashless Payments
Cryptocurrencies   |   27.12.18  |  

The introduction of the digital currency is scheduled for the March of the upcoming year. About 60 regional banks are involved in cooperation The Japanese financial giant Mizuho Financial Group plans to release its own cryptocurrency. According to Nikkei, the company aims to utilize it for cashless payments. The introduction of the digital currency is scheduled for the March of the upcoming year. About 60 regional banks are involved in cooperation in the field of remittances and payments. The Mizuho...

UN Launches New Healthcare Project in Eastern Africa
Innovations   |   27.12.18  |  

UNODC partners with for the launch of telemedicine and telepsychology platforms in the second quarter of 2019 Africa amazes with new blockchain projects once again. According to Cointelegraph , the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) announced a partnership with tech company to create and develop a new healthcare project in Eastern Africa. The roll-out of the platforms is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019. Amado Philip de ANDRES , the Regional Representative...

Indian Crypto Exchange Claims About Reaching Trading Volumes Record
Exchanges   |   26.12.18  |  

Despite the statements of the authorities and the uncertainty in the regulation of the crypto industry in India, the trade volumes continue to grow rapidly Despite the strict statements of the Indian officials and the uncertainty in the regulation of the crypto industry, one of the cryptocurrency exchanges sees record of the trading volumes growth. The dynamic is ongoing, as was said in an interview with by Nishal SHETTI , the CEO of Wazirx exchange. According to the representative...

The $1,8B of Tether funds are under question again
Cryptocurrencies   |   26.12.18  |  

Suspicions regarding the stablecoin still occur. This time, the researchers show their concern about a partnership with the Deltec bank. According to the latest CryptoSlate study , there are certain doubts about the Tether fiat funds and their existence. Earlier this year, the representatives of Tether Ltd presented a confirmation that the company had a registered account in the Bahamian Deltec bank. The document is to serve as a proof that the named account contains more than $1.8 billion — a...

No Xmas Miracle: Bitcoin Goes Less Than $ 4,000 Again
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.12.18  |  

Another bear trend on 25 December. 96 out of TOP-100 cryptocurrencies are in the red zone once more On Monday, 24 December, the crypto community people held their breath with hope for the return of the bull market and a possible rally — as we all remember, it has already happened in the past year, and the memory of that still remains. Unfortunately, the “bull run” didn’t last long: the Christmas Day is disappointing everyone with the sharp price decline. TOP 100 is in a red zone again, with just...

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