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Decentralization Theory VS Decentralization Reality
Guest-posts   |   19.02.19  |  

... permissionless but non-trustless. 55% of XRP is in escrow of Ripple Labs, which puts it in control. However, 20 billion XRP are reportedly were awarded to Ripple co-founders. Bitcoin , Ethereum , Bitcoin Cash , Nano , and Cardano have better decentralization. Their hashing power of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum is rather evenly distributed between mining pools with no one’s share exceeding 20% as of November 2018. And they are all permissionless and trustless. Another cryptocurrency ...

Decentralization As The Next Step For Business Evolution
Guest-posts   |   05.02.19  |  

... trend and can take different forms. The nice thing is that today we can observe how technology drives progress itself. I am convinced that after the first crypto hype, society will be able to draw many benefits from the experience. Centralization vs Decentralization Centralization means: The decision-making power is made by a single company, government, or individual. Decentralization means: Transfer of the decision-making power and assignment of accountability and responsibility for results. It ...

A Common Mistake: 3 Typical Misconceptions About Smart Contracts
Guest-posts   |   13.12.18  |  

Besides crypto, one of the most promising things on blockchain is the use of smart contracts. The concept was first described by Nick Szabo in 1994 in his paper “Smart Contracts”. He describes smart contracts as ‘a computerized transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract’. The rise of the Ethereum blockchain facilitates the easy development and deployment of smart contracts in a public environment. This led to a hype around smart contracts and a new awareness of the potential possibilities...

Blockchain And Crisis Of Governance: Hackers As An Emergency Service Of The System
Guest-posts   |   10.12.18  |  

New governance structures – crisis management in a decentralized world without trusted third parties. Can an anonymous emergency button be created? There is a shift going on in how we structure companies and industries, but also our social structures. A shift from possession to usage. From strong central control to shared responsibility in a decentralized way. This as to pursue our desire for sustainability, where materials are shared in a more fair way while eliminating non value adding third parties...

The Ancient Tragedy On The Digital Market Stage: EOS Reversed The Transaction And Created Environment For Corruption
Blockchain   |   21.11.18  |  

The EOS network returned the money stolen in blockchain to the user. A good piece of news for ordinary people but a bad one for the future of the digital market Experts in the field of network law have repeatedly noted: the decentralization of the blockchain will sooner or later lead to one problem - the impossibility of reversing the transaction in case of an error or malicious actions of users. Although the other part of the expert community, on the contrary, considers ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 5-9)
Cryptocurrencies   |   10.11.18  |  

... that was conducted by Anastasia Ermolaeva. And though her conclusion is already mentioned in the title, we encourage you to spend some time on this article if you still haven’t. All the main factors that had put the idealistic idea of crypto market decentralization on the verge of collapse should become crystal clear for you. Whether you agree with it or not, we think this is a great research and the third place this week is well-deserved! #2 - Genghis Khan’s Descendants: Will The Crypto Experiment ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (August, 27-31)
News   |   01.09.18  |  

Bitnewstoday team is feeling the heartbeat of the digital economy and is here again to remind you of the most popular posts of the outgoing week. It’s time to look at the counters of our website and present some of the most popular posts of the week. As usual we only select those articles that were chosen by you and got the highest number of views. Here you are! #1 - DLT: How To Make Money on Freedom of Speech While Mark Zuckerberg is considering the possibility of integrating cryptocurrencies...

Blockchain Is Too Young For “Big Energy"
Cryptocurrencies   |   07.08.18  |  

Amount of money invested in blockchain is constantly growing. Is blockchain ready for it? “Big Energy” is one of the aspects of modern industrial world that never seemed to be all that promising for the blockchain. TDL has entered the scene on a wave of the crypto frenzy, but it was out of it just as fast - just because maintenance costs for running both the network and consensus algorithm were far too high to keep it up and running outside of the theoretical field. It seemed that crypto industry...