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Decentralization As The Next Step For Business Evolution
Guest-posts   |   05.02.19  |  

The new world of economy is made possible by the blockchain. There are several advantages of DAO you should consider to evolve your business Blockchain technology and the Web3 movement are reinventing the Internet, there are many business models that can be rethought by the blockchain technology. Every company should decide if they want to ...

Artificial Responsibility of Smart Contracts. The Genie in The Bottle?
Forecasts   |   07.09.18  |  

... the contract. If they set it up incorrectly, it is a problem. The distributive nature of blockchain technology provides the safety net necessary for the contract — in practice, the contract can neither be altered, no disappear.” Well then, imagine DAO, a ‘decentralized autonomous organization’, which appears to be a group of a smart contracts. In his article, Professor Kolber names DAO “a cautionary tale”. Indeed, according to the author, it “had tremendous ‘artificial responsibility’ ...