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The Danske Bank Money Laundering Case Is Worth $230 Bln — More Than The Whole Crypto Market Cap
Legislation   |   19.11.18  |  

The branch of Danske Bank in Estonia was accused in money laundering of unprecedented volume. It shows that AML fails on global level, and it is not cryptocurrency to blame. The branch of Danske Bank in Estonia appeared in the spotlights of the whole newsworld for the last couple of months. The reason for attention to the small bank within the small country is money laundering of unprecedented volume. Curiously, but for the last years the theme of money laundering was raised in context of cryptocurrencies...

ICO vs STO: Struggle For The Markets of The Future
Ico   |   26.09.18  |  

Future of the cryptoverse depends on the direction of the development that it will choose. And market has already set a possible course. This whole term “Initial Coin Offering” or more common one - ICO, has been feeling itself at home in the hearts and minds of the participants of the “startup crowd”. No wonder - to “cook up” a good ICO means to pull out a “golden ticket” out of the rubbish bin. Just see yourself - according to the statistics, amount of money that was gathered throughout first...

Modern Trading Without AI is Unprofitable. Why
Data-security   |   07.09.18  |  

... dangerous weapon in the hands of a cybercriminal. Prospects and forecasts by leading experts. In the previous article we wrote about the advanced methods of cybersecurity as well as the anticipated and unforeseen threats from the rapidly growing cybercrime. But what is the role of AI in this process and what threats could we face? All about it is next in this article. The AI in trading Artificial neural networks have already become an independent player in the world of data. Machine deep learning ...

Investigating Black Fintech: Regulators' Verdict
Italy   |   06.09.18  |  

... economy. But is it in the past for real? Crypto had grown up, and from a geek’s toy turned into the serious financial tool that became a dream of institutional investors and serves as the basis for exchanges and multi-million trades and IPOs. So - crimes are no longer about drugs or guns; we are talking about international offenses. And the institutionalization of the crypto industry played a significant role in it. A lot of substantial crypto exchanges are under suspicion because of the fake trade ...

Blockchain as The Guardian Angel of Gamblers. From Now and Forever
Blockchain   |   22.08.18  |  

Blockchain, as a technology is slowly getting to each and every point of our daily lives, including gambling. Like this, it became a true guardian angel of casinos and their patrons, that puts everything in place. Gambling has always been a controversial topic. Mostly because it was always paired up with images like gambling addicts, mafia, and many other negative things that people like to think about when it comes to such thing as gambling. But the fact is - gambling has always been a part of...

China: Victims of the Cybertheft Could be Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
China   |   21.08.18  |  

... banned in China. And they have to explain now where they got such amount of money in digital assets. And the criminals find themselves in the hot seat. Till 2011, one must have been sentenced to death for such a law violation, but now such components of crime amount to a life sentence, under Article 265 of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of PRC. And probably, this punishment is not only for the thieves – in recent time the practice is the following: the cryptocurrency is being used in China as ...

Crypto ATMs Are Mostly As Protected As Vending Machines
Data-security   |   16.08.18  |  

... focusing on educating our customers about these schemes and providing tips to help them protect their crypto.” It is evident that industry is growing and illegal aspects of it are not falling behind. Before this moment - most of the crypto related crimes were about encryption viruses or malware that hacks into your PC and mines Monero on it. And now they are looking at the crypto ATMs. This doesn’t seem all that distant from the moment when muggers are not going to demand to hand over your phone ...

CONSOB Banned 23 Financial Operators In Italy
Italy   |   13.08.18  |  

CONSOB activities have been of a notification nature, limited to warning investors of illegal financial activities, but since 2018 its rights have been significantly expanded, also acquiring a repressive nature, up to a mandatory order to terminate the activities of unscrupulous financial operators. CONSOB, the supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market, has been granted special and extraordinary rights with a view of protecting investors and combat abuses, including fraud...

DEA To Take Control Over The Dark Web
Regulation   |   08.08.18  |  

... dark side of the economics will never disappear, as it was and ever shall be. But economical laws will kick in some day: living outside will become inconvenient. Bitcoin is not withdrawing from the darknet market. Despite the fact that the number of crimes paid by virtual money decreased in percentage terms, the "cost" of every crime has risen. This was stated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent Lilita Infante at a meeting with journalists. While in 2013 90% ...

Blockchain To Help Industrial Espionage In Big Pharma
Blockchain   |   07.08.18  |  

The technology is going to сonquer the pharmacy. However, despite the obvious advantages, it is not so unequivocally. Recently, the blockchain has actively broken into areas that have nothing in common, and it is being very successfully applied there. Of course, there are projects that are started with the aim of “paying tribute to the hype” but in some industries the technology is objectively necessary. The latter are increasingly considered as medicine, and in particular pharmaceuticals. What...

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