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CFTC Approved the Application of LedgerX to Offer Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures
Legislation   |   26.06.19  |  

... for bitcoins LedgerX LLC, a “US-regulated trading platform for physically-settled digital currency derivatives,” can now offer physically settled bitcoin futures contracts. The application was approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). LedgerX LLC is a subsidiary of Ledger Holdings, Inc. and is registered with the CFTC as a swaps execution facility and a derivatives clearing organization (DCO) since July 2017. As of June 24, the company is also registered as a designated contract ...

For Certain Solutions, You Need To Change The Blindfold. TOON #9
Usa   |   25.10.18  |  

... to perceive virtual assets. Courts are reaching contradictory verdicts, regulators are clashing in hopes to win another piece of authority, lawyers are making millions on the growing numbers of cases. And all this reminds a panopticon, where the SEC, CFTC, scammers, offering digital coins with gold and diamonds, Russian spies are all mixed up... And what about the market? It lives its life, looking for ways to circumvent inconvenient laws, coming up with self-regulation and learning to run by its ...

SEC vs CFTC: How The Crypto Market Will Avoid The Judicial System Tensions
Usa   |   25.10.18  |  

... economic mainstream. This time it is represented by the judicial system. The federal Judge Rey ZOBEL rejected the petition of My Big Coin Pay Company and its chief manager Randall CARTER against the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). According to the lawyers of CARTER , the accusation of My Big Coin of fraud amounting to $6 million is illegal, since the regulation of the virtual assets turnover is beyond the competence of the CFTC because digital coins cannot be a commodity....

USA: Why An Undeveloped Digital Market Is Beneficial For Regulators
Usa   |   22.10.18  |  

The US District Court finds that virtual currencies must be controlled by the CFTC, which sees tokens as a commodity. Will it affect the crypto market and regulators? The U.S. District Court ruled that the tokens be under the control of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which classifies it as a commodity. But is ...

Drops, drops, drops: weekly review
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   15.06.18  |  

This material describes a tough 7 days for the market of digital currency: what lead Bitcoin to 6K, how altcoins are doing and, of course, possible reasons of the loss of millions of market cap During this week, investors saw a major drop of most digital currencies and the loss of $50 billion of market capitalization. The same amount of money was lost by Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Looks like that something has undermined the reputation of the sphere - and what could that be?...

US CFTC asks Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, ItBit about price manipulation
Usa   |   14.06.18  |  

... and ItBit. All these four platforms provide reference for the CME futures. Apparently, something did not match in the calculations of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the public prices posted on these exchanges, which led to the questions from the CFTC. It is a direct responsibility of the latter organization to eliminate futures manipulations. Bitcoin is now falling, as seen from the data on price reference services. Ethereum and other altcoins are, too, in the negative phase of price motion....

US Department of Justice to find out who manipulates Bitcoin price
Usa   |   24.05.18  |  

This material tells about the newly-opened investigation by the United States authorities - apparently, Bitcoin’s price was being manipulated for an unspecified period. See what this means and latest price dynamics The Department of Justice of the United States has opened an investigation related to the manipulation of the price of Bitcoin, financial observers found out. The Commodity Futures and Trading Commission is also aiding the Justice Department. As reported by the press, they are both...

Ethereum apocalypse that didn’t happen
Regulation   |   08.05.18  |  

... Ethereum apocalypse we have been promised? Short answer is that it was fake rumors from the start, long answer with all related info and explanations is in this material The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has not had a meeting with the CFTC on Ethereum yesterday, as witnessed by multiple sources in the social media. So, I called the SEC & they said they have no clue what the fuck everyone is talking about w Ethereum. Call them for yourselves and confirm. They’re open until 5 PM EST ...

SEC and CFTC will today decide if Ethereum deserves prohibition
Regulation   |   07.05.18  |  

... today’s meeting of the United State Commodity Futures Trading Commission and grasp why this meeting of the American officials will have lasting consequences Observers expect to see the decision of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) made jointly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today on 7 May 2018. Because the meeting is held in America, for the European market this might mean that the announcement about the status of Ethereum would be published at night. One ...

Capital Group’s Code of Ethics now prohibits ICO participation
Usa   |   25.04.18  |  

In this new material one can find out if this measure is understandable and see if some other companies or state organizations prohibit their employees to trade cryptocurrency or tokens The code of ethics of Capital Group (founded in 1931) has been updated, as evidenced from the website of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. A new amendment includes initial coin offerings (ICOs): company associates must not be connected with this kind of enterprise, the prohibition applies even...

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