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Exchange Transparency SWOT-Analysis: Consider It Before You Deposit
Trading   |   09.10.18  |  

... becoming best practices in the industry, with exchanges providing significant insight into the security measures taken to keep investors safe, as well as displaying their financial strategies to potential users. ‘Know Your Customer”, as well as AML/CFT, is a generic demand from regulators when an exchange is aimed at doing business within fully transparent frameworks. The task forces are not dormant and work towards fighting the issues mentioned above, as well as tax-evasion practices. “ Internal ...

EU: $5.5 Bln Laundered on The Digital Market. What Are Bruxelles Going To Do?
Regulation   |   04.09.18  |  

The issue of the control over the virtual assets market can split the EU once again At the end of this week, EU ministers will meet in Vienna to discuss the prospects for the regulation of the cryptocurrencies market. Many experts believe that the situation with the use of virtual tokens in the shadow market is getting out of control. The problem with the illegal use of virtual means of payment in the EU has been studied for a long time. For the first time, the cryptocurrency trace emerged after...