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Cryptoeconomics: Three Real World Examples
Guest-posts   |   14.12.18  |  

As blockchain-based ecosystems continue to propagate a new, hybrid discipline is beginning to take shape. This discipline is being referred to as tokenomics/tokenization As blockchain-based ecosystems continue to propagate a new, hybrid discipline is beginning ...

The Case Of Bitcoin Pizzas: DLT For Enterprise Solutions Outside of Theoretical Field
Guest-posts   |   12.12.18  |  

... appears that it is in their best interests to do so. This leads to a fundamental question that Bitcoin has tried to solve: How to use technology as a way of establishing trust in a trustless community? The digital “peer-to-peer” payment protocol, i.e. blockchain, represents a remarkable innovation and a striking success of efforts to establish trust. Bitcoin eliminates the need for a trust agent and transforms the traditional 3-way connection of value transfer to 2-way. The decentralized consensus ...

Blockchain And Crisis Of Governance: Hackers As An Emergency Service Of The System
Guest-posts   |   10.12.18  |  

... series of articles we wish to look at how in a world, where control seems to diminish, in case of emergency the right actions can be triggered. A shift from central management and control to decentralized environment Since a few years, decentralized blockchain initiatives are on the rise. Due to this new technology it is possible to design process and industry models in such a way that traditional trusted third parties can become obsolete. This new technology allows for process design and industrial ...

Trillion Dollar Security Token Economy Awaits Its Constantine Moment
Guest-posts   |   04.12.18  |  

Charles Voltron continues the story with the historical analogy, considering the potential impact blockchain can have, and what will the aftermath be. Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, otherwise known as Constantine the Great, was a Roman general in charge of the Western territories of the Roman Empire. Another successful Roman general,...

A Database Of Virtue Or How Blockchain Is Close To Christianity
Guest-posts   |   04.12.18  |  

Blockchain still is one one of the most discussed technologies of the decade. Charles Voltron puts forth some ideas on where we are now, and how this new era might manifest. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change ...

Blockchain gaming industry. TRON claims the throne?
Blockchain   |   03.12.18  |  

Ethereum and TRON are ‘fighting’ for the blockchain gaming market dominance. TRON has everything necessary to win in the nearest future. The gaming industry is on the threshold of significant changes that are connected with blockchain technologies implementation. In 2013 there Hunter Coin ...

Blockchain Is a New Playground For The Sports Industry. But No Teams Here Yet
Blockchain   |   13.11.18  |  

Sports industry has billions of revenues, but is is an old-school playground with legacy players roughly protecting positions. Blockchain creates a new field and changes the rules. With the emergence of blockchain and crypto, industries tried to test the technology for their needs in many different aspects. Sports industry didn’t avoid that as well. There are problems in ...

Blockchain As Digital Evidence in Court. The Power of Giants Ernst & Young and Microsoft
Data-security   |   12.11.18  |  

Damage from trade secrets theft is $600 billion, pirated software gets $225 billion in the US per year. Blockchain becomes an evidence for intellectual property protection in court According to the British consulting agency Muso, the United States became the leader of the pirates content market last year, gaining 27.9 billion visits to piracy domains....

Indian Blockchain District Purpose And The Real Reasons For Alliance With China
India   |   29.10.18  |  

The Indian IT in 2017-2018 amounted to $154 bln. The construction of the blockchain district will advance India in the DLT market and will open up new opportunities in the digital economy. Blockchain calls Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moda, an active reformer of a revolutionary technology. Therefore, it is not surprising ...

No Scam Or How Israel Crypto Community Came to Self-Regulation
Forecasts   |   23.10.18  |  

... voluntarily submit reports to the Tax Authority. The digital market of Israel attracts attention with the active participation of regulators in its formation and development. The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) announced the implementation of the blockchain Yael platform, which will ensure the security of the operations and the information exchange with partners. The next step is the introduction of an online voting system to adjust the relationship between investors and the regulator. And all ...

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