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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Blockchain Is a New Playground For The Sports Industry. But No Teams Here Yet
Technologies   |   13.11.18  |   3480

Sports industry has billions of revenues, but is is an old-school playground with legacy players roughly protecting positions. Blockchain creates a new field and changes the rules. With the emergence of blockchain and crypto, industries tried to test the technology for their needs in many different aspects. Sports industry didn’t avoid that as well. There are problems in ...

Blockchain As Digital Evidence in Court. The Power of Giants Ernst & Young and Microsoft
Regulation   |   12.11.18  |   3290

Damage from trade secrets theft is $600 billion, pirated software gets $225 billion in the US per year. Blockchain becomes an evidence for intellectual property protection in court According to the British consulting agency Muso, the United States became the leader of the pirates content market last year, gaining 27.9 billion visits to piracy domains....

Indian Blockchain District Purpose And The Real Reasons For Alliance With China
Regulation   |   29.10.18  |   4284

The Indian IT in 2017-2018 amounted to $154 bln. The construction of the blockchain district will advance India in the DLT market and will open up new opportunities in the digital economy. Blockchain calls Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moda, an active reformer of a revolutionary technology. Therefore, it is not surprising ...

No Scam Or How Israel Crypto Community Came to Self-Regulation
News   |   23.10.18  |   5628

... voluntarily submit reports to the Tax Authority. The digital market of Israel attracts attention with the active participation of regulators in its formation and development. The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) announced the implementation of the blockchain Yael platform, which will ensure the security of the operations and the information exchange with partners. The next step is the introduction of an online voting system to adjust the relationship between investors and the regulator. And all ...

America Is Not A Leader Anymore. Kenya Is Ahead
News   |   16.10.18  |   6168

Africa continues to astonish people. Here are Dean Kirkland and Nakia J. White to move the perception gap about the continent, this time in terms of blockchain education and real estate. keeps on discovering Africa, and especially women in blockchain over there. We have already covered the story of Yaliwe SOKO, who has recently become the Chairwoman in Blockchain Association of ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 8-12)
News   |   13.10.18  |   3644

... Based on the bare numbers of your activity stats on, Trending Trinity reveals what is really important in digital economy right now. Long story short, we’ve got to start! #3 - Revolution Or Sabotage: Scaling Through A Bag of Bitcoins' Blockchain Third place this week belongs to Daniil Danchenko and his observation of the new blockchain alternative that has been revealed recently by Mark Friedenbach. It’s called “Forward Blocks”. The method allows to ramp up transaction speeds ...

Big Pharma: Blockchain To Move The Big Guys With Big Prices
News   |   11.10.18  |   6722

The blockchain evangelists recommend a shift of the healthcare to DLT until multinational corporations did not take the whole market into their own hands. The doctors will be completely replaced by the diagnostic AI machines in 50 years. The market of medical ...

Top Crypto Experts Will Gather on the Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

... conference conducted by Smile-Expo is on its way to the most crypto friendly island. During the event, industry professionals are going to explore the innovative use of DLT outside of the financial sphere On October 23, Smile-Expo will conduct the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta – the huge event with crypto discussions by blockchain specialists. The large-scale meeting of top industry experts will become the 50th-anniversary event of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series. Why Malta?...

Sierra Leone: The Reasons Behind UN's Experiments With FInTech
News   |   10.10.18  |   6580

... resources and a developed diamond-mining industry is one of the poorest countries in the world. 70% of the population live below the poverty line. The value of one leone today is $0.00012. Most residents do not use computers and cannot imagine what the blockchain and cryptocurrency are. Here the mobile phones are in use - as a universal means of communication and secure payment transactions. There is only one credit bureau in the republic, whose services are used by less than 1% of the population - ...

Revolution Or Sabotage: Scaling Through A Bag of Bitcoins' Blockchain
News   |   10.10.18  |   14429

Pivot to asia being discussed more and more in the today’s blockchain society. Asia slowly becomes a key region for the industry Scalability - this is an endlessly painful theme and constant headache for the blockchain enthusiasts and everyone blockchain or crypto-curious. If we forget about the technical detail ...

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