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Not All That Glitters Is Bitcoin Gold
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   23.10.18  |  

... traders, interested in speculative trading and those riding pump and dump train. But there are other types of crypto, that literally have no purpose. An excellent example of those is Bitcoin’s twin brother - BTG. This hardforking offspring is called Bitcoin Gold, and it started from a high point which is entirely understandable. People liked project’s central idea - creating a bitcoin analog, that is essentially the same, but better. It should've become more decentralized, more honest, more transparent....

Bitcoin Gold team plans new hard fork to prevent 51% attacks
Regulation   |   07.06.18  |  

See what a 51% attack is, after which event the need for the blockchain protocol update has become fairly obvious for everybody and if the plan of Bitcoin Gold development team looks solid Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency developers are going to release a new protocol update relatively soon, as witnessed from an announcement published this week. The biggest change will be a new set of measures aimed ...

Charlie Lee: Litecoin is secure against 51% attacks
Cryptocurrencies   |   01.06.18  |  

... popular, as hackers now can rent the computational power from services similar to NiceHash. This recently happened to several digital currencies and it has seriously drawn attention of the market participants to the issue. For example, the hack of Bitcoin Gold has made it possible for a hacker to issue new coins on an unfair basis. There are no written laws in the crypto sphere, but there is a public consensus on basic principles on the work of the cryptocurrency. This has also been violated in ...

Weekly review: Russian laws, Crypto-Sweep, market falls and two 51% attacks
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   25.05.18  |  

See what happened this week to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, the Russian legislation towards cryptocurrencies, the sentiment of the US regulators towards the market and what has influenced what This week has been marked by several major events in the sphere of cryptocurrency regulation, while ...

New ASIC breaches Bitcoin Gold ASIC defense
Innovations   |   10.05.18  |  

Learn the name of the device the developers of ASIC-resistant Bitcoin Gold (BTG) were not ready to meet and how they plan to solve this problem now that their old methods efficiency is ending Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was one of the first projects to have recognized the dangerously rapid performance of application-integrated ...

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings implies Bitcoin copycats have no good future
Cryptocurrencies   |   24.04.18  |  

The arguments of the rating company are provided in this report. Here one can learn why Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin God and others are actually less perspective than developers might want everyone to think The recent research by Weiss, a cryptocurrency rating firm, tells about the nature of various Bitcoin imitators. They will never get the ...

Bitcoin Gold 2.0: The People's Currency
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.12.17  |  

There are tens of reasons for bitcoin price going up dramatically over the past year. Why the first cryptocurrency (as well as many others) is here to stay - read in the article by Hervé Larren, Co-Founder, Global Crypto Ventures Bitcoin has everything to make a revolution in the financial world. Hervé Larren, Co-Founder, Global Crypto Ventures shares his views on why cryptocurrencies will soon become the essential part of our life and what will be bitcoin growth trend in the nearest future. The...

Bitcoin Gold mining now available
Cryptocurrencies   |   13.11.17  |  

Cryptocurrency fully launched The development team of Bitcoin Gold has made several steps towards full work of Bitcoin Gold. Their actions today: they have released the software necessary for mining this cryptocurrency and published the source code on GitHub, which might at least partly give the skeptics ...

Bitcoin Gold adds replay protection
Cryptocurrencies   |   01.11.17  |  

Maybe this will restore its initial values Bitcoin Gold developers have met strict criticism from cryptocurrency exchanges before the hard fork of the protocol of Bitcoin occurred: many exchanges took a stance against the insecurity of Bitcoin Gold, clearly not willing to harm their reputation ...

Bitcoin Gold activated
Cryptocurrencies   |   24.10.17  |  

Do not confuse it with SegWit2x The hard-fork of the Bitcoin blockchain network, previously scheduled for 25th of October and later delayed, has finally happened when block 419,407 was mined. Bitcoin Gold, a new cryptocurrency, has emerged. The creators aim to make Bitcoin decentralized again – only those who own regular video chips will be accessed to mine. ASIC owners are deliberately blocked. This new altcoin’s market journey started ...

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