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AUSTRAC Performed First Crypto Fraudster Arrests
Crime   |   13.11.19  |  

... found exorbitant amounts of cash just lying around the house alongside multiple fake identity documents in order to hide the criminal’s face and real name. According to the report , several other assets have been seized by the police, including a Bitcoin ATM stationed in a nearby shopping center in Braybrook. Several users have reported that the ATM was fraudulent and was not providing the services it was advertised for. Some people even reported having been directly scammed by the ATM as it refused ...

A Quick Guide For Bitcoin ATMs: How, Where, What’s Next
Guest-posts   |   14.05.19  |  

Bitcoin ATMs are some of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin. Their numbers and locations are growing as BTC starts to get accepted more around the world. Learn more about them Bitcoin ATMs are some of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin. Their numbers and ...

More Cryptocurrency ATMs To Be Installed In Chicago
Innovations   |   29.01.19  |  

... finance, as well as being a cryptocurrency friendly territory. According to Chicago Business , an additional installment of 30 cryptocurrency ATMs is to take place in Chicago very soon. Chicago is already considered a “home” for a large number of bitcoin ATMs, and, thanks to Lux Vending, there will be more of them. The new Bitcoin Depot terminals will allow customers to exchange fiat dollars for bitcoins, ethereum, and other digital assets. Currently, there are several operators in the city already,...