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Police Raid on Binance Offices in China Turned Out to Be False
Exchanges   |   22.11.19  |  

Nevertheless, rumors of police activity in Shanghai significantly accelerated the fall of the market Recent media reports of police raids at Binance's Chinese offices have been found to be untrue. Representatives of the crypto-exchange denied the information about the alleged raid of authorities and the subsequent closure of the company’s representative offices in Shanghai. In a conversation ...

Binance Adds Euro to Its Trading Pairs
Exchanges   |   08.11.19  |  

At the beginning of 2019, Binance did not support fiat currencies. The addition of the euro indicates Binance's intentions to continue its expansion in Europe Binance cryptocurrency exchange opens a fiat gateway for the euro through the Advcash service. Changpeng ZHAO , CEO ...

Binance To Sell Cryptocurrency for Russian Rubles
Exchanges   |   22.10.19  |  

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance is ready to launch fiat trading for its customers, as CEO Changpeng Zhao announced it at the Open Innovations conference The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance is ready to launch fiat trading for its customers, as announced by the CEO of ...

CZ Promises Alipay Will Be Biggest Crypto Gateway, Alipay Denies
Innovations   |   11.10.19  |  

According to a recent statement from Alipay, the company is not planning on implementing any kind of support for crypto exchanges that sell crypto in exchange for fiat currencies In a recent announcement from the CEO of Binance, Changpeng ZHAO , the largest payment gateway in China, Alipay would be the biggest crypto payment gateway in the future. Zhao mentioned multiple times that the exchange of fiat to crypto is still possible to be facilitated on Alipay despite ...

Binance: No Margin Trading For Users From Five Regions, Including the US
Exchanges   |   29.05.19  |  

Notably, the service will be unavailable for accounts not only in the United States of America but also in Iran, Cuba, Crimea, and North Korea According to a recent Reddit post, Binance would reportedly not be providing its margin trading services to the customers from the USA and a number of other regions. A user nicknamed Lifofifo posted the news and stated the following: “Today, I found the actual UI for it all. Take a look ...

Is Delisting BSV Personal Or Good Business Ethics?
Guest-posts   |   29.04.19  |  

... together and formed a substantial community against Wright, with popular hashtags like #CraigIsAFraud and #WeAreAllHodlonauts. Long story short, Peter refuses to apologize and prefers rather to go to court. This was picked up by Changpeng ZHAO , CEO of Binance, who showed nothing but full support for Peter. He upped the ante by stating: “Master piece! You have my full support, Peter. To be clear, I don't choose sides on technology. We let market do that. I am against fraud, such as lying to be someone....

The New Format Of Binance Launchpad Provoked Users’ Negative Reactions
Exchanges   |   25.03.19  |  

Binance decided to introduce the lottery format for the next Binance Launchpad project. However, the community reacted negatively, and CZ decided to think over the rules again On March 24, Binance published a post in its blog about the introduction ...

Loom Network (LOOM) To Accept Binance Coin As a Payment Option
Cryptocurrencies   |   15.03.19  |  

... dApps created on the Loom Network to expand beyond the Ethereum network and traditional payment methods Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain-based ecosystem for developing online games and social network applications, has announced that it will include Binance Coin (BNB) as a payment option. According to Loom Network’s management, the BNB token will be accepted as payment for applications on the PlasmaChain platform. Following the statement, the additional payment support by BNB will allow decentralized ...

Binance launches Binance Chain; BNB Price Doubles Since December 2018
Exchanges   |   12.02.19  |  

For the last couple of months, Binance is in the spotlight. The projects are launched at a breakneck pace and with tremendous success. A launch of testnet confirms that Binance Coin started this year very great success: the token of the crypto exchange entered the TOP-10 list, and ...

Binance Coin (BNB) Enters The TOP-10 Cryptocurrencies By Capitalization
Cryptocurrencies   |   06.02.19  |  

The coin had reached the peak of price since mid-November last year. Analysts believe that the growth catalysts Binance Coin could serve as the launch of a new project Binance Coin is one of the few coins that resist a bearish attack on Wednesday, February 6. Markets have gone down since Asia started the trading. About 24 hours ago, the price of BNB was below ...

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