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The Partnership of Brave and Binance Allows Trading via Browser
Exchanges   |   25.03.20  |  

... over the major stream of cryptocurrency trading, simplifying operations for users. The browser already has a built-in tracker and ad blocker, as well as its own advertising system, which rewards its users for viewing ads with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Currently, a new feature is available in the Brave Nightly version, designed for developers to test new features. In the general version it will be available in April, the mobile version will be announced later. Image courtesy of Publish0x

Brave Browser Has Reached 12 Million Active Users Per Month
Innovations   |   10.03.20  |  

... Compared to previous statistics, this means that over the past three months, Brave has attracted about 2 million active users and increased the number of users per day by 700,000. Last year, the browser launched Brave Rewards and began distributing BAT tokens for free. Thanks to the program, the fastest growth in the number of users was recorded. Now this feature is fully implemented and Brave plans to switch to other areas — several new privacy-related features have been announced. The new feature ...

Brave Browser Introduces the BAT Withdrawal Function For Uphold
Innovations   |   25.07.19  |  

Members of the Brave community are already discussing on Reddit the possibility of moving BAT tokens after verifying the Uphold walle Brave Web Browser is working on a new feature that will allow users to withdraw BAT, which was previously earned on ads. Members of the Brave community on Reddit are already discussing the possibility of moving ...

The Popularity Of Brave Browser Reaches Firefox and Opera
Innovations   |   07.05.19  |  

Interest in the browser has grown since the beginning of February 2019, and the number of active users per month has grown by 450% since 2018 Brave, a privacy-oriented web browser with an integrated BAT token, is rapidly gaining popularity after the release of updated mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as the launch of Brave Ads. The number of monthly active browser users has grown by 450% since 2018. The chart below from Google Trends ...

LA Times Added to Brave Browser Verified Publisher List
Innovations   |   12.04.19  |  

... publisher joined the verified publishers list. The media readership reaches 30 mln people, which puts it on par with the Washington Post and the Guardian, which were taken to the platform. The Brave browser, working in symbiosis with Basic Attention Token (BAT), develops a digital advertising ecosystem. It provides a more fair distribution of revenue between stakeholders and also allows users to reward their favorite publishers. Adding the LA Times to the platform will take place in the upcoming days. The ...

Brave Browser (BAT) Gets Access To TAP Network 250,000 Partners
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.02.19  |  

The announced partnership is an important milestone for Brave and BAT. Users will be able to exchange tokens for rewards, which can later be exchanged for goods and services Mobile World Congress is rich in events this year. The Brave Browser (based on Chrome, but is an open source one) has announced a partnership ...

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Grows By 15% On News From Coinbase
Cryptocurrencies   |   07.02.19  |  

Coinbase representatives announced the launch of a special project on their website with interactive tasks, where users can earn BAT Basic Attention Token (BAT) is growing on Thursday, February 7, amid the launch of a special project at Coinbase. On Wednesday, Coinbase representatives announced that the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency, also associated with the Brave browser,...