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Witnessing the digital breakthrough
All I Want for Christmas: A Gift of $7B to Bitcoin Increase
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   19.12.18  |  

This week started with a sudden growth of the Bitcoin rate and the entire crypto market. Who is the Santa Claus and whether this reversal of the negative trend is definitive Christmas is in the air. If the whole last week Bitcoin was declining, this Monday it surprisingly began to recover and this positive dynamic has been gaining a momentum as today the main cryptocurrency has demonstrated the growth of more than 7%, exceeding the mark of $3,800. The jump was initially inflated by a sudden inflow...

Kill Shot For The Stocks Or Lifeline For The Crypto: The Fed Dilemma
Regulation   |   18.12.18  |  

The US stock market is repeating after the crypto brother as it has been having the worst December in 16 years. What does it mean for the digital industry 2018 was marked by the crypto market fully controlled by bears. This year’s final note in the bearish symphony turned out to be the last two months when over $100B has left the market, pushing its capitalisation down to less than $110B, returning the crypto community to the early August of 2017. This recent decline knockdowned many investors...

Binance Leadership Is Under Question
Trading   |   17.12.18  |  

Being the largest exchange in terms of the trade volume, Binance has recently faced tough competition. What are the reasons and what are the tools to determine an actual leader Now it is hard to believe that Binance was established in 2017 as in a short period of time Changpeng Zhao’s child managed to become the biggest crypto exchange in the world in terms of the daily transaction volume and was successfully holding this position for a while up to the recent point. According to the CryptoCompare’s...

Forget About Tether: Why New Stablecoins Broke $2.3B in November
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   11.12.18  |  

The crypto market has been highly volatile recently and investors try to find peace in stablecoins. The competition among them is on. Tether may soon lose its crown and here is why While the majority of cryptocurrencies have been consistently declining, which has led to the overall market capitalization decrease by almost 50% in just month and new minimum of $104B this year, there has been one type of digital assets that managed not just resist to this negative dynamic but actually increase their...

Mind Games And The Crypto Market: Psychology As 50% Of The Market Driver
Forecasts   |   10.12.18  |  

The consultant of institutional hedge funds shares his views on reasons for the bear market During the last month the crypto market finally woke up after a multi-month slumber. However this awakening was not due to excitement before the next bull run, but because of bears squeezing their claws even more tightly. Bitcoin Cash hardfork and its division, SEC postponing ETF-approval together with the transfer of the Bakkt launch date … bad news after bad news like shots made out of shotgun have been...

Trending Trinity Weekly (December, 3-7)
News   |   08.12.18  |  

... FATF exam We keep getting back to Korea as there’s a lot happening on the legal field these days. The country’s high expectations on blockchain sector have resulted in another strategic document called “The Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act.” Anastasia Ermolaeva collected all the possible information about the bill that was recently presented by Kim SUN-DONG and pointed out the most important provisions of the document. What is the reason of such a rapid rate of legislation renewal in South ...

Ethereum OGs Are Out: Why Blockchain Devs Tighten Their Belts
Cryptocurrencies   |   07.12.18  |  

One of the leading developers of Ethereum Classic announced about the shutdown of its activities. What are the reasons for closing down, how it will affect the ETC future and whether the market should get concerned The cryptocurrency market continues to fall: its market capitalization fell by 15% this week. Prices for virtual assets were also declining, and Ethereum Classic was no exception. Since Monday, the value of the coin has decreased by 30% - from $5.3 to $3.7, and the negative dynamics...

South Korea: Promoting A New Bill To Pass The FATF exam
Legislation   |   04.12.18  |  

South Korea is going to encourage digital asset trading. What provisions does the new Bill contain and why is the state interested in its acceptance A member of the Korean National Assembly’s Political Committee Kim SUN-DONG has developed and presented a new Bill under the name “the Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act”, which includes a comprehensive plan to establish guidelines for the development and promotion of blockchain technology, virtual currencies and crypto-exchanges, as well as the...

Bitcoin, Exchange and Two Bot Wallets or How Bitfinex Manipulates The Market
Exchanges   |   29.11.18  |  

Apparently, the crypto market decided to join the Black Friday madness and hold a sale for all virtual assets. Bitcoin has already started to recover, while it is entering a phase of positive price correction, we decided to find out who were the main organizers of the last weekend promotion. As we expected , after a short break, Bitcoin continued to fall over the weekend, breaking through another level of support - $4,000 and updating its annual minimum of $3,593 per coin. Apparently, the crypto...

Institutional Investors Strategy: Drop The Market, Buy Coins At Lows And Go To Bakkt To Trade
Exchanges   |   23.11.18  |  

What connects the sale of treasury bonds on the US stock market with Bitcoin decline and the upcoming launch of the Bakkt A month ago crypto market participants were talking about the unusual low volatility of the main cryptocurrency, complaining about the lack of dynamics. As the saying goes, you asked for it. Out of the blue, in just a week Bitcoin collapsed in a week by 30% to the level of the end of August 2017. The crash was triggered by the last week's Bitcoin Cash hardfork when the opposing...

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