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Nigerian Deputy Calls for Crypto Regulation to Catch Up to Other Countries
Legislation   |   24.07.19  |  

Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of the African continent, therefore they’re considered to spearhead most of the development in the region, be it financial or technological The speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has put forward a motion for the country ...

Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?
Blockchain   |   22.02.19  |  

The success of fintech companies in Africa is difficult to overestimate. However, there is one rather weighty problem — the lack of specialists. Education might be the key The success of FinTech companies in Africa in recent years is difficult to overestimate: the continent has made ...

Paxful To Establish 100 schools In Africa As Part Of The “BuiltWithBitcoin” Initiative
Innovations   |   18.02.19  |  

Following the initiative of the company, two schools have already been built in Rwanda, and the third school is being developed as a project Ray YUSSEF , CEO at Paxful, plans to build 100 schools in Africa. The initiative of the company resulted in two schools which have already been established in Rwanda; the third one is in the project development stage. The establishment of schools on the platform is a part of the #BuiltWithBitcoin movement. Ray ...

UN Launches New Healthcare Project in Eastern Africa
Innovations   |   27.12.18  |  

UNODC partners with for the launch of telemedicine and telepsychology platforms in the second quarter of 2019 Africa amazes with new blockchain projects once again. According to Cointelegraph , the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) announced a partnership with tech company to create and develop a new healthcare project in Eastern Africa....

Nigeria: FATF’s recommendations regarding digital currencies work in terrorists’ favor
Legislation   |   03.12.18  |  

... now, you will see that cryptocurrencies are one of the main enemies of global financial stability. From the point of view of the G7, of course. At the same time, few Western politicians and public figures want to notice that the digital market on the African continent is developing according to its unique scenario. Because of the weak penetration of traditional financial institutions into the domestic economic space of African countries, cryptocurrencies have become one of the main operating units ...

I'm African, Show Us Your Smart Contract! TOON #7
Africa   |   19.10.18  |  

Bitnewstoday toon dedicated to Africa. The stereotypes of Africa as an uncivilized, poor and ‘scary’ will be closed as well: a lot of people move to the continent for perspectives. In the world full of seeming recession and upcoming crysis, there should be some new ‘Klondike’ ...

Africa: You Electrify Her, You Blockchain Her, You Buy Her
Blockchain   |   16.10.18  |  

What can the blockchain energy industry in Africa? We understand what  represents the great African dream today and why all world powers want to touch it. Today and in the future, leadership in the energy sector means geopolitical and technological leadership either. It is always sunny ...

America Is Not A Leader Anymore. Kenya Is Ahead
Forecasts   |   16.10.18  |  

Africa continues to astonish people. Here are Dean Kirkland and Nakia J. White to move the perception gap about the continent, this time in terms of blockchain education and real estate. keeps on discovering Africa, and especially women ...

How To Earn $400 Million on DLT in Energy Industry
Forecasts   |   28.09.18  |  

... everything, from the process of generation to the very end when users pay for the power. “We are offering people a way that allows them to pre-pay for the power as they do for the cell phone minutes. This is a very important feature for places like East Africa since up to 70% of transactions in the country passes through the M-Pesa mobile operator system that allows using your minutes to pay for the goods and services. Our service is fairly easy - first, our end user needs to install the smart-meter ...

African Women In Blockchain Level Up: Popularity of DLT Grows by 600%
Blockchain   |   20.09.18  |  

Johannesburg Women In Blockchain is a proof of the shifts that happen in the financial, political and social life in Africa. We discover the opportunities it may bring to the women of the whole continent What are the perspective of a young girl in Zambia? Not much by now. But I know one, who moved to South Africa, following her dreams to change the world and to create ...

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