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What are the Best Services for Purchasing Cryptocurrency in 2020?

18 September 2020 12:49, UTC
What are the Best Services for Purchasing Cryptocurrency in 2020?

08.09.2020  |   in BNT Reviews
While Bitcoin is boosting towards 11k again and new tokens, despite all the predictions, are appearing every day, it is still hard (after all those years of cryptocurrency adoption) to pick the right exchange. Security, rates and anonymity are as important for amateurs as volumes, trading, payment options and currency range for professionals. If you are still not keen on a particular platform, this is the right read for you!

Binance – the most popular

Despite the fact of being quite recent, Binance has already become one of the most popular financial services in the world. The Binance volumes reach 1,5 million orders per second which means the platform is one of the fastest ones among all. Its trading volumes on different trading pairs are also among the largest ones in this field. Another important Binance tip consists in supporting a various range of crypto-to-fiat pairs alongside with its widest range of crypto-to-crypto pairs. You can top up your Binance account through various services as far as from your debit or credit card directly. It is also extremely beneficial to have Binance Coin to cover up to 50% of the trading fees.

Kraken – the most secure

Kraken is another extremely popular centralized exchange platform that is reputed to be one of the most secure and transparent ones. Despite all the attempts, Kraken has never ever been hacked during all these 9 years. Kraken supports a significant number of crypto-to-crypto trading pairs alongside with the most popular fiat-to-crypto pairs including US dollars, Euros and British pounds. Another important benefit of this platform is, of course, its lower fees compared with other exchange giants.

Coinbase – the simplest

In case you are new to the crypto world, Coinbase is just the right platform to start your incredible journey as a trader. Due to its user-friendly intuitive interface, the beginner will never get stuck. If you are already proficient in this space or close to it, Coinbase will enchant you with the possibility to top-up your account not only with your card but also directly from your bank account. The Coinbase fees are also attractive if you compare them to their direct competitors. You can either trade through their website or download their app and use the same range of Coinbase services on your phone or tablet.

Quppy – the most futuristic

Another cryptocurrency trading and purchasing solution is a digital wallet. Yet, many wallets were hacked or did not survive regulatory, security or competition challenges. If you are willing to use different financial solutions without having lots of different applications and accounts, Quppy is the very right choice. Quppy is a neobanking solution that provides all kinds of financial services within one decentralized and thus secure application for both iOS and Android. You can purchase and exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC through Quppy own exchange by connecting your existing digital wallets or by creating new ones in the app. Quppy also allows you to open a bank account in Euro and British pounds also directly in their app and use those fiat funds for your crypto exchange needs. Among Quppy benefits are the payment options with cryptocurrencies and the mobile top-up option with crypto in 180+ countries worldwide directly from the Quppy app.


16.09.2020  |   in BNT Reviews
There is no perfect solution or the only one solution as there isn’t an exclusive and only one right trading strategy. On the one hand, it is great to have the variety of different services that the market provides to us. However, it is always difficult to choose the right one that respects our security, usability and cost requirements that each of us sets without trying each and every platform. Yet, we hope that our overview of the largest market players will help you choose your best one or to establish your own ranking methods.

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