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Top 8 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Business

24 July 2020 18:30, UTC
Top 8 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Business
By Nimesh Gohil

Plenty of business owners or entrepreneurs are having a dilemma of choosing the right platform for their business. Before the technologies or platforms have covered the sphere of web development, there were no predefined platforms that you can use for designing your website. You have to take baby steps to design a website that will work. But since the time has changed and there’s a revolution in technology, you will find many platforms that allow you to design a quick website for representing your business.

And there’s a single answer to that question: WordPress.

If you are wondering and have a question, “Why choose WordPress for your business?”, well, then, you have landed on the right page. Here are some points, we are going to discuss why business owners or people have started using WordPress for making their preferably first website.

WordPress is Free and Open-Source

WordPress is the world’s most popular site builder. There are more than 33% of websites which are developed with WordPress, that’s millions of websites all over the world. But before that, you should be clear with — Content Management System (CMS) and — Blog hosting service. Though, they both are free and open-source.

To all those business owners who are restricting themselves with a given budget, WordPress makes the best and perfect choice for them to set up and run a website using all free WordPress themes and plugins aside from purchasing a domain name and a hosting account. Anyone can have WordPress downloaded and installed from on a hosting platform. Now you may be thinking, why is WordPress free? You can catch it here.

Easy to Setup and Use

WordPress can be used by anyone with no knowledge of coding. It’s the best and suitable for any beginner who wants to develop a simple website without paying too much for it. By just choosing a theme and adding some features, you can make your website live in no time.

If you have installed plugins for your website, it can be managed through your administrative dashboard. This way, you can also manage the content. But if you want to give a more professional touch to your website and you are not self-confident in your skills, it’s better to hire any wordPress developers to make it happen for you.

This is the reason WordPress is the best and has a lot to offer for business website building.

User-friendly CMS and Easy to Customize


Having said earlier, WordPress can be used by anyone with no technical background and experience. Since WordPress offers a simple interface, it helps anyone to develop and set up the website easily with the basic functionalities and features. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create a web page or post it. Edit text, customize URL, publish on the web and add new posts can be done with the click of a button. You can easily paste your content into a WordPress site from your word file.

Search Engine Friendly

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Generally, search engine friendly or SEO-friendly websites are considered as good. Because search engines should find it easy to crawl the website and should rank them easily as per their algorithm. Everyone develops the website by keeping a search engine in mind. But WordPress has resolved the query by offering various SEO plugins that can be integrated into your website to make it search engine friendly. These plugins make sure your content reaches the highest number of audiences through ranking on the search engines. You will find plenty of guides and plugins that help you further optimize your onsite SEO for better ranking. This is the reason WordPress websites tend to rank higher than others in the search engines.

Mobile Friendly

Google is penalizing websites that are not mobile optimized by ranking them lower on their result pages. By applying WordPress for your website, you don’t need to worry about making your website tablet or mobile-friendly as most of the themes are automatically responsive. WordPress is also giving an option for websites to be viewed in a “mobile view” for themes that are not responsive.

Even, whoever your target audience would be, they all are using mobile devices. Hence, it’s very important to make your website mobile friendly. So if you want your website to work perfectly and look good on any device, then WordPress enables that feature for you.

Safe and Secure

Since WordPress is such a popular CMS platform, there are very high chances of getting hacked by hackers. However, WordPress takes the security of its users seriously. It’s very essential for every business owner to make their websites safe and secure.

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Always keep your website updated with its updates to prevent attacks. In fact, WordPress has an automatic update feature too. So by updating your version, you will be a step ahead of everyone else. If you want to secure your website even further, you can look into using a web host that takes security seriously. In short, WordPress is a safe and secure platform to develop your website. But that doesn’t mean you are completely vulnerable from malicious attacks, hackers, and malware on your website.

Easy to Integrate

WordPress allows other powerful platforms to integrate with them to give your business a major boost. By integrating 3rd party platforms, you can give a modern look to your website. You will find plenty of plugins that let you easily send out email campaigns and newsletters. You can use services like Aweber or MailChimp. Even, there are plugins for credit card payments for an eCommerce website. You can integrate any plugin with WordPress about every kind of function you want to add to your website.

Community Support

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Having said earlier, there is a large number of people who are actually using WordPress. Many businesses are accepting WordPress for their website due to its customization options and many plugins. This means if you have any problem or a question, odds are there’s an answer waiting for you in one of the WordPress support or developer forums. That means if you ever want to outsource your site maintenance, content, or design, there are plenty of developers, writers, editors, and designers who know how your site’s CMS works.


When it comes to website development, we know every business wants to build their website with a minimum cost with many features. That’s not possible if it’s not built without the help of WordPress. That’s why we believe that WordPress is, indeed, an excellent tool for beginners and techs alike.

WordPress allows you to have a proper website in less than a day or within a week at most. It depends on how many features you want to integrate. Even, if you decide to Hire WordPress Developer to build a site for you, it will be a whole lot cheaper. So, are you ready to try your hands on WordPress? I am sure this will make your job easy.

About the author

Nimesh Gohil is a content strategist and digital marketing enthusiast at Wordpress Development Company, helping clients and their brands achieve their business goals, such as improving sales and market share, by developing integrated marketing strategies distinguished by research, engagement, and ROI conversion with web development and digital marketing services.


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