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French company creates another mining heater

12 March 2018 00:00, UTC   |    269
French company creates another mining heater

A French company called Qarnot (one of the local scientists of old who contributed to the study of thermodynamics) has independently developeda mining heater. This technology has already been demonstrated as a working concept by a Russian startup and quickly became a short-lived community meme.

Like the Russian device, the French one (QC-1) mines Ethereum, but it can also be fine tuned for mining other digital currencies in case the owner needs so, developers assure. Its estimated cost will be around $3500 which is a thousand less than the Russian heater.

Hardware: AMD Sapphire Nitro and Radeon RX580 8GB. The estimated operation speed when mining Ethereum is 60 MH/s. In comparison, one $8000 NVidia Tesla V100 can make 94 MH/s, but this is the high-end video card designed for AI calculations.

While these heaters are either in the stage of development or not produced internationally in big quantities, American journalist Daniel Oberhaus from Motherboard improvised and simply used his regular mining rig to help to go through the storm winds on the East Coast.

Image from video by Mashable

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