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Switzerland: Crypto-Funds Will Be Able To Invest Up To $100M In Residential Property
06 December 2018    |   4908
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) informed the public about the new rules that allow digital companies to open $100 million deposits. Where this money can go
Holes? Don't Worry, These Are The Best Swiss Traditions! TOON #13
09 November 2018    |   4755
Switzerland has lost some points of attractiveness for crypto start-ups and ICOs in 2018. The regulators urge to change the situation and patch the holes as soon as possible.
Swiss And Russian Banks Report About ICO Platforms Successful Implementation
02 November 2018    |   6078
Banks reconsider their stance on crypto. Swiss bank allows clients to participate in ICO, while Russian Sberbank reported the successful test ICO deal. Stablecoins are next.
Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 15-19)
20 October 2018    |   5549
Christie’s on blockchain, spies and terrorists with digital assets and Switzerland that struggles to maintain its crypto leadership. These are the main trends of the week according to your pageviews.
Switzerland Teams Up With Liechtenstein To Show $44 Bln Crypto Market Valuation
15 October 2018    |   5740
FINMA issues the first license, allowing legal operations with crypto assets. Meanwhile, CVVC presents the report about country’s success in the crypto sphere. What is the reason for such an intense activity?
Follow My Lead: Philippines And South Korea To Adopt The Swiss Standards of Regulation
26 September 2018    |   5119
The success of one may inspire the others to go the same way. What is the reason behind such decisions? Can it become a global trend in the near future?
Swiss FDF to propose blockchain policies options at the end of 2018
25 September 2018    |   4530
Switzerland has proven to be one of the best crypto jurisdictions by now. Still, there are some issues that need clarification, and regulators are eager to update legislation frameworks by the end of 2018.
Trending Trinity Weekly (September, 17-21)
22 September 2018    |   5186
Our regular Top-3 chart of the articles that caught your attention this week. As usual, Bitnewstoday won’t let you miss a thing!
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