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South Korea

Crypto Funds Regulation in South Korea or How Zeniex Pulled Its Fund Out Of The Big Inspection
14 November 2018    |   4544
South Korea has declared the war on crypto funds on the background of the market overheating. Why regulators have right, and what crypto fund really is
Trending Trinity Weekly, 1-5 of October
06 October 2018    |   4935
Macron in a spacesuit, ICO ban in Korea and a news that Donald Trump prevented from becoming huge. How could it all be connected? Easily! Check our Trending Trinity Weekly and enjoy your weekend
The South Korean Regulator Deprived The Crypto of Tax Benefits
03 October 2018    |   5662
August 13, South Korean crypto exchanges have been excluded from the venture capital. And it happened with crypto trading and brokerage companies on September 27. The new taxation for the crypto market is coming.
Follow My Lead: Philippines And South Korea To Adopt The Swiss Standards of Regulation
26 September 2018    |   5119
The success of one may inspire the others to go the same way. What is the reason behind such decisions? Can it become a global trend in the near future?
South Korea: DLT To Solve The Problems of Unemployment and Government Budget Deficit
15 September 2018    |   6049
From 17th to 19th of September South Korea will host two big events - Block Seoul 2018 and Blockchain Seoul 2018 Summit. We have prepared an analysis of the digital economy development in the country.
Asian Crypto Triangle: The Birthplace of New Economy
05 September 2018    |   4653
The Central Bank of Laos warned the residents against buying the cryptocurrency. It is another small episode in the global war for the future.
South Korea: Only 21 Crypto Exchanges Passed the KISA's 85-Points-Test
21 August 2018    |   6476
Experts KISA called for each exchange to check 85 items identified during earlier inspections conducted in the period from January to March 2018. The regulator is not satisfied with the results.
South Korea: $4.4 Billion to Become a Powerhouse of Innovation
17 August 2018    |   2989
In 2019, the South Korean government will invest more than $4.4 billion in the development of innovative technologies, including blockchain.
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