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Russian presidential adviser on digital sphere left administration

14 June 2018 00:00, UTC   |    1130
Russian presidential adviser on digital sphere left administration

Now that Vladimir Putin is Russian President again, he has to reform the government and the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation - a powerful body responsible for internal politics and key society spheres management. As seen from the yesterday documents published on the official site of the Kremlin, German Klimenko will not be present in the new administration team.

26.07.2017  |   in News

German Klimenko has advised the President on the digital issues for two years, sometimes making rather obscure statements which indicated his insufficient knowledge. A good example is his clear overestimation of mining viruses infestation in Russia. Despite this, sometimes there were some prudent statements too: he has stated that cryptocurrency market was volatile due to its size.

Unknown who will replace Mr. Klimenko on a new post, although there were some indirect indications that the Internet and digital issues would become more controlled by Sergey Kirienko, First Deputy Head of the administration. Another official with a similar job of practical implementation of IT in Russia (Igor Shegolev) has also left this institution.


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