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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


How Asian Self-Regulation Will Change The Future Of The Digital Economy
26 October 2018    |   3960
Japan has followed the way of South Korea and initiated self-regulation for crypto-exchanges. Once again, Europe and America can be left at the rear of the progress
Zaif Case or Why Japanese Exchanges Lost $518 Million For Six Months
01 October 2018    |   4745
The number of cyberattacks on Japanese exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets increased to 3 times over the year. Even licensed exchanges can not resist: Zaif was robbed by $60 million, the attack was discovered after 4 days.
Asian Crypto Triangle: The Birthplace of New Economy
05 September 2018    |   4667
The Central Bank of Laos warned the residents against buying the cryptocurrency. It is another small episode in the global war for the future.
Americans Can Lose $3 Bln in Dubious ICOs. FinCEN Has Drowned In Delations
03 September 2018    |   3472
Everything new, and cryptocurrencies are not an exception, is extremely irritating for the bureaucratic apparatus. Nevertheless, there is a positive side as the attention of the security services and regulators is a step towards the unified legal regulation.
Japan: FSA Is Not Going to Stomp On The Crypto Business
23 August 2018    |   6606
FSA chief noted that the FSA was trying to achieve a “Golden mean” between the consumer protection and the support for technological innovation.
Japanese Exchanges In Total Lost $1 Billion. FSA Carried Out An Inspection
15 August 2018    |   4149
On Japanese exchanges, a small number of executives and employees control most of the capital. The regulator ordered the exchanges to understand the situation, as well as to create a system of effective internal control and security management
Japan: FSA Declares War On Crypto Speculators
09 August 2018    |   9217
The rise in the value of cryptocurrency has led to a sharp increase in speculative investments. The financial regulator comes into play.
Japanese Finance Minister expresses views on cryptocurrency trading taxation
26 June 2018    |   1078
This material describes the situation with cryptocurrency trading taxation in Japan right now and what can happen soon thanks to the Finance Minister. The regulatory environment is also outlined
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