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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

Great Britain

The Crown Runs Away From Wonderland. TOON #11
02 November 2018    |   4568
This Bittnewstoday TOON is dedicated to the UK and the processes that take place in the field of digital market regulation
0.1% Value Is Enough For The Crown
01 November 2018    |   3539
The English regulator is trying to secure the national financial system against digital currencies. What is the Financial Service of Her Majesty afraid of?
BREXIT-effect: how the idea of sustainability is departing to the digital reality
31 October 2018    |   4271
Economy of developed countries will not grow for another 250 years and for institutional investors the transition to decentralized markets may become the only chance to rescue
US and UK: It’s Time To Get Ready for a Struggle for The Digital Market
19 September 2018    |   4075
Geopolitical rates in the struggle for the digital market are rising. The USA and Great Britain give their legislators the cue: stop stalling the adoption of the laws on virtual assets!
No Results From The Bruxelles or London Conferences on Crypto. Are They Waiting for The SEC Decision on The ETF?
12 September 2018    |   3686
European financial authorities cannot identify their position towards the virtual financial market, and the International Monetary Fund does not recommend the island states to issue its own virtual tokens yet. The world is waiting…
After Brexit Britain Will Receive Crypxit
30 August 2018    |   4443
Great Britain presented the program of digital guest workers. Local companies have to either move to other jurisdictions or compete for existence.
Bermuda Insurtech Attracted $14 Bln of Investments
28 August 2018    |   4463
12000 foreign companies are registered in Bermuda. Due to the Digital Assets Business Act and ICO Act, more to come.
UK Police Made 18,8% Profit from Crypto Trading
21 August 2018    |   2543
Cryptocurrency has been adopted a means of security in the criminal court. In this case, law enforcers make little of regulators’ opinion
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