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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Trending Trinity Weekly, 1-5 of October
06 October 2018    |   4942
Macron in a spacesuit, ICO ban in Korea and a news that Donald Trump prevented from becoming huge. How could it all be connected? Easily! Check our Trending Trinity Weekly and enjoy your weekend
One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2
02 October 2018    |   5226
This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to France and why the revision of Loi Pacte is considered a one way ticket.
France: How Loi Pacte Can Be Revised
28 September 2018    |   5600
AMF makes positive steps towards regulating ICO, blockchain and cryptos. But is that truly enough to make France attractive for new startups and investors?
France Shifts Views on DLT, Becoming №1 Startup Home in Europe
24 September 2018    |   4513
One of the leading economies doesn’t plan to give up positions. France adopts laws regarding blockchain, crowdfunding, and is investing great sums in AI research and development.
US and UK: It’s Time To Get Ready for a Struggle for The Digital Market
19 September 2018    |   4084
Geopolitical rates in the struggle for the digital market are rising. The USA and Great Britain give their legislators the cue: stop stalling the adoption of the laws on virtual assets!
Europe and Africa Are Legalizing Digital Market as Crisis Is Coming
19 September 2018    |   4761
France and Zimbabwe took on the regulation of the virtual assets market. Perhaps, the politicians of these countries are pushed to the decisive actions by the presentiment of the global economic crisis
Trending Trinity Weekly, 13-17 Of August
18 August 2018    |   5146
Most viewed posts on Bitnewstoday for the last 7 days in the weekly edition of Trending Trinity. A must read for those who don’t want to miss a thing about crypto.
Virtual Currency In France Have The Same Rights As Puppets
14 August 2018    |   6081
Common law and civil law are finding out which of them is better. Now, after 200 years of confrontation, cryptocurrency market has become a battlefield.
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