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What will the global market get


Gallup: 26% of investors are intrigued by crypto. But they are not buying it
30 July 2018    |   18345
According to the Gallup survey 26% of American investors are intigued by bitcoin
Why Canada is not so good for crypto as many think about it?
25 July 2018    |   1518
Canada is too complicated for crypto. You should know why
Québec government to limit energy supply for miners instead of total ban
26 June 2018    |   5472
In this material, one can familiarize with the process of the dialogue between the miners and the authorities of Québec, a Canadian province. How is jobs creation connected to this? Read below
Quebec mining ban lifted under certain conditions
04 June 2018    |   4560
Mining has not been viewed lightly by the local authorities of the Canadian province of Quebec, see the details of the engagement between miners and officials in the new material, as well as how energy prices are connected
Operation Crypto-Sweep: US and Canada to combine forces
22 May 2018    |   2266
What is happening with the securities regulations of the United States and Canada? What do they plan to do together? What if there are any dangers for the crypto market? Answers below
Canada’s ICO regulations largely repeat the US policy
09 April 2018    |   292
See the recent statements from the financial supervision agencies in Canada. How tokens are viewed in this country? Is there any difference between Canadian and American regulators’ policy? Bitnewstoday explains
Bitcoin’s downfall to 50-day minimum
30 March 2018    |   293
See the possible reasons of the falling Bitcoin and if this dynamics is normal or not. The latest opinion of Fundstrat co-founder Thomas Lee is also in this material. Find out if it’s necessary to look at the short-term prices
Canadian regulators: is a fraud scheme
06 March 2018    |   276
Read in this new report about yet another “cryptocurrency bank” which in reality is a fraud scheme, see the reasoning of the FCSC and what other similar projects have been debunked recently