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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Latin America: From State Support of Cryptocurrency To Jail For Mining
01 October 2018    |   5068
Why in some Latin American countries crypto traders have their hands tied, while in others the state actively supports the digital currency?
NATO and BRICS: The Start of The New Digital Race
17 September 2018    |   5185
As in former times, two blocks of countries compete with each other for the technological readership
All over the world the courts are raising to defend the crypto
03 August 2018    |   7525
Banksters see cryptoindustry as a competitor now.
Brazilian exchange plans more engagement with cryptocurrency
20 April 2018    |   220
Rumors are still unclear, but it seems that XP Investimentos SA is following in the footsteps of several European companies. One can find which ones exactly in this new material by Bitnewstoday
Brazil to develop a reserve financial system based on DLT
05 September 2017    |   250
Brazilian government plans to develop a blockchain mechanism that will replace the existing banking system in case of a huge catastrophe