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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Iran, India and The EU Are Running Out of The US Control
28 August 2018    |   2872
The USA has a new dilemma: the national Iranian cryptocurrency on the one hand, and the European pushback on the other hand.
Russian laws on digital assets, crowdfunding and digital rights adopted
22 May 2018    |   5030
See the details about these draft bills which are now in effect in the Russian Federation and what the laws’ adoption means for the market of digital currency in this country, as well as first notes regarding the event
Russian official: under new laws, it’ll be OK to work with crypto market
21 May 2018    |   16640
See what Anatoly Aksakov who heads the Russian Federation State Duma Financial Market Committee has stated yesterday at a conference dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Russian PM: cryptocurrencies are hard to ignore
16 May 2018    |   2165
See why the Russian top official thinks that digital currencies require attention and what draft bill version is still relevant and, according to his words, under development at the press time
Russian lawmakers insist on surveillance of fiat-to-crypto conversions greater than $9700
13 April 2018    |   354
The ongoing development of the Russian legislation continues, and in this report, one can read about the parliamentary review of the previously-described draft bill on financial assets
Digital rights and digital money: latest Russian bill on crypto market
27 March 2018    |   329
Find out below whether or not digital currencies are prohibited in Russia right now and what might happen after May 1, 2018 after the new bill will likely come into force
The state of Delaware will legally enforce stock trade on a blockchain
03 July 2017    |   267
Amendments to Delaware state law can open up the possibility of large-scale stock issue on a blockchain.