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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


How Australia To Change The World Blockchain Economy With Just 305 Bitcoins Per Day
08 October 2018    |   5550
One of the crucial steps for establishing the crypto industry in the region - a creation of the new financial climate. Australia is making considerable strides in that direction
Australia To Create The Regulator of Digital Сurrencies Market
10 September 2018    |   4097
One of the countries, most favorable for the virtual market, is in a hurry to impose a new legal regulation. What makes the officials tick?
Australia to become a trendsetter in the crypto tourism
06 August 2018    |   6001
Queensland’s initiative as an illustration of macroeconomic tendency: in developed countries investments are leaving the real sector of economy. Where is the capital going?
Resource-based token as an excuse for a new geopolitical struggle round
03 August 2018    |   10447
Financial structures of Germany, Switzerland and Australia are creating virtual platforms: regulators of the USA and Philippines – are clamping down. Two parts of the global war for influence
Australia affirms the central principle of regulators: implement it, though control it
10 July 2018    |   7111
Australian authorities are welcoming digital economy implementation, but are also reminding that tax payments are due. How will the crypto enthusiasts react?
Australia and New Zealand do not plan to issue national cryptocurrencies
27 June 2018    |   4066
In this material one can learn what the representatives of the financial regulators of Australia and New Zealand think about the concept of national cryptocurrency and even more, read what they think on Bitcoin
US Congress members ordered to disclose crypto investments
22 June 2018    |   558
Are you a US Congressman? Disclose your big crypto incomes to the authorities in 45 days. If you are not, just learn more about the updated regulations for the civil servants in the United States
1% of Bitcoins is used to buy drugs and weapons
17 April 2018    |   247
Bill Gates claims that people are dying because of Bitcoins while researches have shown that only a little amount of Bitcoins is used in the DarkWeb.
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