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Party In Germany Proposes The Creation Of Crypto To Combat Greenhouse Gases

05 September 2019 15:11, UTC
Party In Germany Proposes The Creation Of Crypto To Combat Greenhouse Gases

Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) wants to pay cryptocurrency to anyone who fights carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, writes Welt.

The party claims that if the world wants to slow global warming, it will be necessary to do something about greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking in the German parliament, the Bundestag, representatives of the FDP have proposed the creation of a new digital currency called Arbil. Marco BUSHMANN, the first parliamentary director of the FDP parliamentary group, said that the project at first glance seems technically complex, but in fact it is quite simple:

"Anyone who withdraws CO2 from the atmosphere will be paid for it. In this way, we want to reward active climate protection and promote inventiveness and innovation."

Arbil will receive its value through a guarantee of exchange for emission certificates. One Arbil coin will correspond to the cost of a certificate for one ton of carbon dioxide, which is currently estimated at about $30. Frank SITTA, deputy group chairman of the FDP, noted that with such a blockchain concept, emissions trading systems can be elegantly combined.

Similar initiatives are already being actively promoted in the Republic of San Marino, as previously reported by Bitnewstoday.

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